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Planting grapes with cuttings

Planting grapes with cuttings

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I want to plant many different grape varieties in my summer cottage. It’s scary to buy seedlings; they often sell not what they advertise. I know that grapes can be planted with cuttings, but you need to know when to cut, and how to do it right. Who has experience in such matters, give good advice.


I did so. In the fall I cut the cuttings about thirty centimeters long. Harvested cuttings in the fall, so as not to get frozen. The branches of the vines were not young, older than one year. I wrapped them in burlap and put them in a cool place where there are no subzero temperatures. In the spring, in March, when it was a sunny day for more than twelve hours, he inserted the cuttings into plastic water bottles and placed them on the windowsill. In late May, landed in the ground. Almost everyone started.

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