Varieties of black tomatoes

Varieties of black tomatoes

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Evgeny Aleksandrovich asks: "What is the name of the black tomato variety? What is their peculiarity besides coloring?"

There are several varieties of black tomatoes. Consider the most basic.

The most famous varieties

  • "Black Prince". The variety is mid-season. It reaches a height of 2 meters. From the bush you can get up to 8 kg. The fruits have a raspberry black color. Weight - up to 300 grams. The shape is flat round. The variety is highly resistant to disease.
  • Black Pineapple. The fruits are rather brown in color with green spots. Weight - up to 400 grams. The pulp is green with brown spots. Ripening occurs early.

  • The Black Pear. The variety is mid-season. Carotene is found in large quantities in fruits. Black pear is ideal for open ground and greenhouses. The shape of the fruit is pear-shaped, they are prone to cracking.
  • "Viagra F1". Mid-season. Resistant to tobacco mosaic virus and vertex rot. The mass of fruits reaches 100 grams.
  • "De barao is black." Sweet and dense fruits. From the bush you can collect up to 6 kg. Mid-season grade. Stretched fruiting.
  • Black Oxhart. Fruits weigh up to 200 grams. The variety is mid-season. Tomatoes are oval-heart-shaped.
  • "Lilac Lake". Fruit weight - up to 350 grams. The variety is early ripe. The shape is flat round. Color - black-brown-burgundy.
  • "Chocolate F1". The variety is distinguished by fruits of a chocolate shade. The plant is tall. The mass of tomatoes is 40 grams each. Garter required.

  • Chocolate bunny. Fruits are medium sized, oval, chocolate brown. The variety is medium early. In a greenhouse, a bush can grow up to 130 centimeters.

What is the peculiarity of black tomatoes

The fruits have a pleasant taste. Among other things, they are an excellent tool for the prevention of vascular and heart diseases. Also, fruits prevent the appearance of cancer cells. At the moment, a huge number of black tomatoes have been bred that are suitable for planting indoors.

Black tomatoes require increased attention. Due to the fact that the varieties are mainly intended for baby or diet food, the use of chemicals and mineral fertilizers is prohibited. If you feed, then only organic.

There are many varieties of black tomatoes. All of them are demanding in care and poorly tolerate chemical and mineral fertilizing. Nevertheless, if you have the opportunity to grow black tomato in your area, be sure to try. Fruits contain a huge amount of nutrients.

Black tomatoes

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