Features of growing broilers at home

Features of growing broilers at home

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Broiler chickens differ from ordinary chickens in that they grow quickly, and the cost of their maintenance and feed is low. Therefore, it is profitable to grow them. Upon reaching 2.5 months of age, the chickens go for meat, the eggs do not go for sale. The weight of chickens reaches 1.4 kilograms. Compared to adult birds, broiler meat has improved palatability. It is dietary, suitable for the nutrition of patients, the elderly, children. But the features of the content will be different. A certain light mode and a warm house will be required.

We determine the breed

Chicks must be selected carefully. For this, many turn to well-established manufacturers, try to acquire individuals that are no more than a day old. But the daily chickens die quickly. Therefore, it is recommended to take those chickens that are already 10 days old. Contact should be made to special poultry farms. Preference should be given to mobile chicks with a clear look. To determine whether a cockerel is in front of you or a chicken, raise the wing. Chickens have feathers of different lengths, and males have the same feathers. Good broiler chickens are distinguished by a clean "butt", a tightened belly, smooth feathers, and down.

Particular attention should be paid to the wings. They should be pressed to the body. There is a way to test chickens - they should respond well to noise. Knock on the box, the chickens should respond.

For growing at home, it is better to choose meat breeds of chickens. It can be:

  • Lohmann;
  • Dominant;
  • Ross
  • Change;
  • Tetra.

Cross birds are especially appreciated. There are a number of breeds whose meat qualities are lower, but they are distinguished by other characteristics. This is a Plymouth rock, Adler’s, Kuchin’s anniversary. Daily chickens can die, therefore, regardless of breed, get 10-day-old broilers.

The most popular meat breed is Smena-7. The best imported chickens are ROSS-308 and Cobb 500.

Cobb Cross Hens 500

A great option for selling meat. The skin of the chickens has a good shade. The mass gain is very high. In 35 days, the chicken gains weight in 2 kilograms. Reaching the age of 35-42 days is considered optimal for slaughter.

Broiler 61

The presented species differs in that, at low feed costs, a large increase can be obtained. For 1 kg of meat you need only 2 kg of feed. After 7 weeks, the weight of the chicken becomes equal to 1.7 kg. Bird survival is 98 percent!

Ross 708

The presented type of chickens has great productivity. In a month, young animals gain 3 kilograms of weight. Among all other breeds, this is the most successful. The only drawback is pale skin. Chickens grow quickly, she just does not have time to pick up color. Broiler chickens are very demanding care.

Ross 308

The main difference is an excellent increase in muscle mass. In a day, it can reach 60 grams. Chicks are slaughtered already at 6–9 weeks. The weight of the chicken reaches 1.6 kilograms.

Offspring are viable. Presented breed is well carried. The only drawback is pale skin color.

Growing broilers. Part 1

Features of the content and cultivation

Broilers feel good at home. Growing them is a profitable enterprise. Chickens grow rapidly and gain body weight. Compared to regular chicken broilers weigh more than 2 times! What should be the conditions for detention?

Growing broilers is somewhat more complicated than regular chickens. Special conditions and diets are required. We will deal with the conditions:

  • the room in which the chickens will be kept should be clean, well ventilated. The best option is broiler cages. But it is possible on the floor in the barn, if only the temperature was suitable;
  • when kept on the floor, they make a pen. As a litter, pure shredded straw and hay are used. As chickens grow, the pen is increased. On 6 square meters, 50 goals can fit;

  • cleanliness is the key to health. Since broiler chickens lead a sedentary lifestyle, it is necessary to create perfect cleanliness, otherwise they can get sick and die;
  • the bird feels well in the cages. 1 square meter can accommodate up to 18 chickens and up to 10 adults. It is important to periodically carry out airing;
  • when purchasing one-day chickens, be prepared to provide them with an ambient temperature of 30 degrees and constant lighting. The conditions presented must be created within 2 weeks. During this time, the young growth and strength;
  • in winter, broiler chickens are placed in a special pen in the greenhouse. In this case, you do not need to monitor the temperature, the main thing is to carry out ventilation of the room.

Growing broilers at home involves observing various nuances. Using a corral, it is worth noting that it does not make sense to walk the birds. She can catch parasites, and growth will slow down.

Growing broilers. Part 2

How is feeding

The health and weight of the chickens depends on what you expect to feed the chickens. It is recommended to use feed for broilers from the first days. It has everything you need: protein and plant elements, vitamins, salts, a substance that improves digestion. There can be a lot of chickens, there is nothing to worry about. Clean water should be present near the feeder.

In the first 5 days of life, chickens are soldered with a special drug that stimulates metabolism and growth. Feed for broilers is also given. You will find out which drug to choose after receiving a consultation at a veterinary pharmacy. Every year something new appears.

If you have the opportunity, chickens should be given sour milk. It affects growth well. From the third day you can give cottage cheese.

At the same time, green feed is introduced into the diet. Twist garlic, onions, carrot tops, dandelion. Do not give beet tops - it weakens. From the fifth day you can give grated carrots. Near the feeder put river sand, fine gravel. They are needed to improve digestion. Continue feeding in this manner for 20 days.

Then you can introduce a mash in the diet - the grain part is changed to potatoes mixed with bran and yogurt. It is better to feed the chickens with a fresh mash to prevent intestinal diseases. The presented food option will protect against the appearance of biting. Watch how goiters are filled. If not completely, put the chicken away from the rest and feed separately.

Compound feed for broilers must always be available. A stirrer is given 3-4 times a day. In the first 4 weeks, chickens grow most intensively, therefore, they eat a lot.

From 4 weeks, crushed corn and wheat are introduced into the diet. You can give chopped apples, cucumbers, other vegetables from the garden. Everything except beets. Chickens are raised for 80 days. Then they go to the slaughter. The weight of an adult chicken reaches up to 3 kg.

Growing broilers at home. Part 3

Tips and nuances

How to make the bird develop normally, do not get sick? Rules must be followed.

  • When a peck appears, the chicken is watered with citric acid, previously diluted in water. The causes of biting are bright light, moist litter, lack of protein or gravel in food.
  • The space in the house should be organized so that the chickens can eat evenly.
  • For good development, create optimal conditions for the bird to live in the house. Nutrition, lighting, humidity should be matched to a particular breed.
  • Requirements for air humidity - it should be exactly 60%. If the humidity is high, the bird will begin to wither.
  • First, chickens require 8 meals a day. Then you can reduce food intake up to 4 times a day. There should always be water in the drinker - you can use both cold and warm. Do not raise it to a temperature of 30 degrees, otherwise the bird will stop drinking. Drinking bowls and feeders should be clean. They are washed daily. Once a week is treated with soap or soda.

  • It is better to purchase chickens aged 1-10 days. They go to slaughter at the age of 60 days. Keeping birds irrational longer, they stop gaining weight, meat loses quality.
  • Often chickens have digestive problems. You can get rid of them in a simple way - at three weeks of age they give a solution of potassium permanganate. The procedure is repeated every three weeks.
  • Efficiency of feeding is determined as follows - chickens are weighed every week.
  • As for air temperature, it should not be too high so as not to cause irritation of the mucosa in the bird.

Growing broilers at home. Part 4

If you are interested in meat rather than eggs, you should prefer growing broilers. The breed should be chosen based on the purpose, on how quickly you intend to grow a bird and sell meat. It is important to remember that chickens of this type require considerable attention. Requirements are presented to both feed and content.

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