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How to strengthen the shore of a small reservoir in the area

How to strengthen the shore of a small reservoir in the area

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We got a plot with a small rivulet, which helps a lot during periods when there is no water in the water supply and arid summers without rains. This river is just salvation! The water in it is very clean and cold, as the keys hit from the bottom.

My question is this: How and by what means can I strengthen the shore of a small river at no particular cost and on my own? And from what to make the bridge so that it is more durable? Ordinary boards rot quickly.

In the photo there is a bridge and a river in early spring. In the summer she looks more picturesque)


The following types of shore strengthening are distinguished:

  • erosion control mesh - the roots of plants fasten it to the soil, while it turns into a reinforced area. This method is the most affordable.
  • strengthening with a coconut mat - mesh mat woven from coconut fiber ropes. It also strengthens the edge of the river and supports the vegetation that is planted along the shore.
  • shore protection geogrid - reinforcing mesh with golded stone. It is heavy-duty, it will always remain on the shore.
  • application of biological objects plant origin is a very moody and troublesome method.
  • piles for shore protection - metal, concrete, plastic. This method is used for a very steep coast.
  • plants for shore protection - the most time-consuming and costly way. It’s best not to do it ourselves, since the coastline is very heterogeneous. It is better to carry it out to specialists.
  • sheet pile protection - the most popular way. Quite simple installation of the tongue and its weight suggests that it is a cheap and quick way.
  • larch strengthening - durable way. It forms a stable coastline in poor conditions.
  • gabions - installation work is very simple and easy, the coastline can have any relief.

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