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Not bitter onion

Not bitter onion

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Recently, all onions are bitter and when cleaning tears straight river. I would like to find a variety so that there are no such problems. So far I have found only Belozerets-94, it is not bitter, it has a beautiful crimson color, but it is very small, I would like large bulbs. Tell me, please, a variety that fits my description?


One of the best varieties of sweet onions is considered to be Exibishen.
Firstly, in this variety the head is very large. Secondly, Exibishen onion is very sweet, which means that the content of sulfur-containing essential oils is reduced in it, the eyes will not water when peeling and cutting such an onion. My parents still cultivate such sweet varieties of onions as Myachkovsky, Danilevsky, Kaba.

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