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The best varieties of clematis for growing in Russia

Charming and elegant clematis are still considered amazing exotics on personal plots of Russians. The most popular and well-known varieties of these flowers in our country are clematis "Purpurea Plena elegans", clematis violet, Tangut clematis and some other varieties, the reviews of flower growers about which are very enthusiastic.

Clematis decorative botanical is very diverse. Growing this plant from seeds is a rather complicated process. Clematis seeds are difficult to germinate, so most gardeners choose other methods of plant propagation. Depending on which group of clematis is grown, plant care and pruning may be different.

Clematis "Ville de Lyon"

The variety is characterized by the presence of rounded and bright flowers. In addition, a distinctive feature is the relatively early, abundant flowering, resistance to disease and unpretentiousness to the soil. Lianas of the plant reach three meters in height, and the diameter of the flowers is about ten centimeters. Yellow stamens look spectacular on red flowers. The flowering period is quite long and can exceed two months.

Clematis "Ashva"

Very popular with gardeners. This large-flowered ornamental plant is a vine with a height of about two meters. Clematis has original violet flowers with a very bright red stripe located in the middle of the sepals. The diameter of the flowers does not exceed nine centimeters, the stamens are white, the anthers are dark red.

The main flowering period is in July and lasts until September. The plant belongs to the third group of pruning. Clematis of this variety distributes flowers along almost the entire length of the vine. The plant at the flowering stage is showered with flowers from top to bottom.

Clematis "Purple Captive Elegance"

Variety Plants "Purpurea Plena Elegans"are covered in summer with a lot of terry and very picturesque flowers. The compositions of them are perfectly suited to the retro style. This variety was bred in France in 1899 and belongs to the Vititsella group. The length of the liana can vary from two and a half to three and a half meters.

Terry bright flowers have a red-purple color, and their diameter is about nine centimeters. The stamens and pistils on the plant are completely absent. The flowering of clematis of this variety is distinguished by exceptional abundance and duration. As a rule, the main flowering stage begins in July and lasts until September on the shoots of the current year. The plant belongs to the third group of pruning and is very resistant to adverse growing conditions.

Clematis "Rouge Cardinal"

The popular Clematis "Rouge Cardinal", or Red Cardinal It belongs to the Jacqueman group and was withdrawn to France before 1968. The deciduous beautiful vine with the help of leaf-antennae is attached to the support, and the length of the shoots does not exceed two and a half meters. The main color of the sepals is red-purple.

The flowers themselves are velvety and have an average strip, which is slightly lighter than the main background. The presence of pale purple anthers is characteristic.

Abundant flowering is observed from July to the last of September. The plant belongs to the third group of clematis pruning. The Red Cardinal has been awarded medals and certificates several times at exhibitions.

Clematis of Tangut "Radar of Love"

The yellow clematis called "Love Radar" is an unpretentious and beautifully branching plant. Very popular clematis of Tangut is grown in seedlings. The plant belongs to perennial flowering vines. In height, it can reach about three meters.

Plant flowers Clematis tangutica solitary and drooping, their color is bright yellow. As a rule, the diameter of the flowers does not exceed four centimeters, and in shape they resemble small decorative lanterns. A beautiful plant is characterized by a high degree of decorativeness and remains attractive until late autumn, due to the presence of silver fruit, which are very often used in design and arrangement and look very impressive.

Clematis tangutica is used for vertical gardening, and also, if necessary, to decorate a terrace, building facade, fence, gazebo or to create a vertical local lawn decoration using curly support. In addition, the plant is used as a groundcover on a personal plot.

Care for clematis of this variety is standard and not difficult. Proper pruning and bush formation allows you to grow a "Love Radar" at home.

Clematis Vititsella

Widespread clematis Vititsella the most famous and beautiful. The category of such plants includes varieties in which one of the parent plants possesses most of the genes from Clematis viticella. But the hybrids obtained from Clematis integrifolia, this group cannot be attributed.

Clematis of this species include deciduous types as well as climbing shrubs. All flowers are formed during the summer or early autumn exclusively on the shoots of the current year. Flowers can be single, semi-double or double. Standard indicators of the diameter of the flowers can vary from two to fifteen centimeters. Clematis viticella blooms on the shoots of the current year.

The total number of sepals can vary from four to six. The main color can be monochrome, white, and also have different shades of pink or bright red colors. Red-violet colors are quite common, as well as purple staining and violet, blue or blue shades. Leaves are characterized by pinnate, less common ternary species of leaves. Lack of high-quality pruning can provoke strong plant growth and flowering at a considerable height.

The most popular varieties from this group: "Etoile Violette", "Alba Luxurians", and "Carmensita", "Polish Spirit" and others, including purple clematis.

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Clematis purple

Clematis violet, or Viticella, which is very popular among gardeners, grows naturally in the Caucasus, as well as in Southern Europe and Asia. Today's fashionable clematis violet is a shrub vine with a height of up to two meters and has twice cirrus leaves. The presence of a thick cord-like root system allows the plant to be used as a very convenient stock for large-flowered clematis.

Abundant flowering plants are observed on the shoots of the current year. These shoots must be cut off in the fall, which guarantees obtaining abundant flowering in the fourth year of plant life.

Flowering is quite long. As a rule, this period lasts from June to the end of September and ends with tying up a significant amount of seeds that are large enough and convenient for sowing. Seed maturation is observed in September.

Clematis care in the garden

When choosing plants for a personal plot, you should pay attention to clematis. These beautiful and not too demanding flowers will be an excellent decoration of the house territory.

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