Beetroot Pickled Red Cabbage Recipe

Beetroot Pickled Red Cabbage Recipe

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Pickled cabbage with beetroot slices is an excellent snack for quick consumption and preparation for the winter.

The main advantage that distinguishes this recipe is its ease of preparation. Any novice housewife can marinate cabbage with beets. She prepares very quickly. 1-2 days are enough for a savory snack on your table.

How to carry out the preparatory stage

Let's start with the container. If you do not have the ability to store large volumes of workpieces, then this should not stop you. Pickled cabbage with beets can be made as needed and in the amount required. The main requirement for dishes is that they have a lid. Therefore, tubs, pots, cans are suitable - everything that is at hand. Another plus. The dishes do not need to be sterilized! We wash and dry well and cleanly. That's it, the container is ready for the process of pickling cabbage with beets.

Cabbage. We choose heads of cabbage of late varieties with good appearance. Cabbage forks should be straight, free from damage or signs of rotting or disease. The late vegetable, when pickled, remains juicy and crispy, which is very important in our case. Also, the amount of vitamins in heads of cabbage cut in late autumn is much higher than in early varieties.

Beets for a snack are also preferable to take late varieties. Such a root vegetable is sweeter and juicier, moreover, it has a more intense color.

The rest of the ingredients are spices and water for the marinade.

Each recipe for marinated beetroot appetizer differs in some details or additional ingredients. Therefore, in order for us to have the opportunity to choose, let's get acquainted with the most popular options. Let's start with a simple and quick way to make pickled cabbage with beets.

Pickled Instant Appetizer

This recipe allows you to cook delicious cabbage with marinade in 1 day. First, let's prepare the vegetables:

  • 2 kg of white cabbage;
  • 1 PC. beets;
  • 0.5 heads of garlic.

To prepare the marinade we need:

  • water - 1 liter;
  • 3 tablespoons of granulated sugar and coarse salt;
  • bay leaf - 1 pc .;
  • table vinegar - 0.5 cups;
  • black peppercorns - 10 pcs.

The most successful pickling container is a three-liter glass jar. It is convenient to store it in the refrigerator if there is no basement.

Cut the cabbage into large pieces. It can be stripes, but squares are more convenient.

Important! Shredding the head of cabbage for pickling with beets is not worth it - the appetizer will turn out to be tasteless.

Cut the beets into cubes or strips. This vegetable can be chopped on a coarse grater.

Chop the garlic into strips.

Stir the vegetables and put them in a jar.

We proceed to the marinade.

In an enamel saucepan, boil water with spices, salt and sugar for 10 minutes.

Then take out the pepper and bay leaf with a slotted spoon, and add vinegar to the marinade.

Cool the finished marinade a little. It should stay hot, but cool slightly. If you pour the cabbage with a boiling mixture, then if you move it carelessly, the water will get on the jar, and it will crack. But if you do everything carefully and gradually pour boiling water, giving the jar time to warm up, then you can not cool the marinade.

Now fill in the vegetables and leave the appetizer to cool. After cooling down, close the jar with a plastic lid and move the cabbage with beets to the refrigerator.

It is ready for use in a day.

Option for harvesting cabbage for the winter in large pieces

As in the previous recipe, we need vegetables and a marinade. Pickled cabbage with beets for the winter is usually prepared with the addition of vinegar. But many people prefer not to use it in blanks. You can replace this preservative with citric acid, which is immediately added to the jar, and not to the marinade. One teaspoon of acid is enough for a 3 liter container.

Roll cabbage with beets for the winter in large pieces. It is very comfortable. First, it can be sliced ​​quickly. Secondly, it stays crisp throughout its shelf life. And thirdly, the pieces are colored with beets with beautiful overflows, which gives the appetizer a very festive look.

Let's prepare vegetables:

  • cabbage - one large head of cabbage (2 kg);
  • red beets and carrots - 1 root vegetable each;
  • garlic - 1 head.

For the marinade, we take the components in the same amount as indicated in the previous version. But this recipe is different. We will need to clog 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil for each bottle of snacks.

Let's start pickling:

Free the cabbage from the top leaves and cut the head of cabbage into two halves. Then each half is cut into 8 more pieces.

Cut carrots with beets into slices or cubes. There is no need to chop on a grater - the unusualness of the dish will be lost.

Cut the garlic into slices. Pressing through a press is not recommended, its taste will be faintly felt.

Mix all the vegetables in a large bowl so that the cabbage is evenly colored.

It is better to sterilize jars for the winter version or steam them in the microwave, and pour boiling water over the lids.

We put vegetables in jars without tamping. You can press a little for convenience.

Boil the marinade for 5-7 minutes and pour in the cabbage. Add vinegar at the end of boiling. If we use citric acid, then we pour it into jars before pouring the marinade.

Roll up the lids and remove the pickled cabbage with beets for storage. She is ready in 2 days, so you can open one jar for a sample.

Korean cabbage with beets

For lovers of moderately spicy, spicy and original snacks, there is a recipe for pickled cabbage with beets in Korean. This dish turns out to be very delicate and aromatic, with a pleasant spicy taste.

In addition to the usual set of vegetables and spices (see the previous recipe), we need clove buds (3 pcs.), Cumin (1 pinch) and 0.5 cups of vinegar.

Cut the head of cabbage into cubes, removing too thick parts and stump.

Wash carrots and beets and chop them on a coarse grater.

Squeeze the garlic through a press.

Combine all vegetables in one bowl and mix.

Put all the spices, salt and sugar in water and bring to a boil. We boil for 3-5 minutes.

Pour vegetables with hot marinade, set oppression on top.

Important! Do not press down on the salad too much so that the marinade does not pour out.

Our cabbage will be ready in a day. Such an appetizer can be made in winter and summer, treat friends at home and outdoors. Cabbage with red beets marinated in Korean style is an excellent addition to meat dishes, mashed potatoes, and all kinds of hot delicacies.

Try to marinate cabbage with beets in any way and enjoy the spicy taste of a beautiful salad.

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