Tomato Black Cat F1: characteristics and description of the variety, reviews

Tomato Black Cat F1: characteristics and description of the variety, reviews

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Tomato Black Cat is a novelty on the domestic market, but has already gained popularity among gardeners who prefer to grow tomatoes with an unusual color of fruit. This species is characterized by high productivity, excellent taste and increased resistance to diseases and pests. It can be grown in greenhouses and greenhouses in many regions of the country.

Tomato Black Cat is weakly susceptible to adverse weather conditions

Breeding history

This tomato hybrid was obtained in 2018 thanks to the efforts of the employees of the Sibirskiy Sad agricultural company, which produces high-quality planting material and breeds new resistant varieties. The main goal was to obtain a dark-colored tomato look with a higher lycopene content in the fruit. This component is a strong antioxidant. Therefore, regular consumption of Black Cat tomatoes can significantly reduce the likelihood of developing atherosclerosis, cancer, cataracts and other diseases.

Important! This hybrid has not yet fully passed all the tests, therefore it is not included in the State Register of Russia.

Description of tomato variety Black Cat F1

Tomato Black Cat (photo below) is a hybrid, therefore, when planting seeds, species qualities are not preserved. In view of this, you need to purchase planting material annually.

This tomato is one of the indeterminate species, that is, tall. When grown in a greenhouse, the height of the bushes reaches 2.0 m, and in unprotected ground - 1.6-1.8 m. The shoots of the Black Cat are strong, resilient, densely leafy with short internodes. The maximum efficiency can be achieved with the formation of bushes in 1-2 shoots, therefore, it is recommended to remove all the upper stepsons in a timely manner. This will redirect the forces of the plant to the formation of a new ovary.

The leaves of the Black Cat are of a standard shape and size, with a rich dark green hue. Peduncle without articulation. The first fruit cluster grows above 7-9 leaves, and each subsequent cluster grows after 3.

Important! Pollen from the Black Cat retains its productivity even at high air temperatures.

The Black Cat belongs to the category of early maturing species. Therefore, harvesting can be carried out 85-90 days after the appearance of the first shoots, which is much earlier than in other tall species.

Each fruit cluster of the Black Cat consists of 4-6 tomatoes

Description of fruits

Hybrid tomatoes are round with a slight ribbing, medium size. Each weighs about 160 g. The surface of the fruit is smooth and shiny. The color of tomatoes turns red-brown when fully ripe. The taste of the fruit is sweetish without acid, with a rich tomato aroma.

The pulp is dense, fleshy. No juice is released when the tomatoes are cut. Inside each one there are 2-3 small seed chambers. The skin is thin, firm, slightly palpable when eaten. The fruits adhere well to the hand and do not crumble even when fully ripe. Black Cat tomatoes can be stored in a cool room for 2 weeks without losing their presentation. At the same time, ripening of fruits at home is allowed.

Important! The fruits of this hybrid are resistant to burns, so they easily tolerate direct sunlight, even for a long time.

Tomatoes are uniform in color

Characteristics of tomatoes Black Cat

This hybrid has some features that make it stand out from the rest. Therefore, it is necessary to study the main characteristics, which will allow you to get a complete picture of the Black Cat tomato.

Tomato yield and what affects it

This species has a stable yield, even in hot dry summers. About 5 kg of fruits are obtained from the plant. Therefore, from 1 sq. m of area can be harvested 15 kg.

This indicator directly depends on the timely removal of the stepsons. If this rule is ignored, the plant spends its energy on building up green mass, which negatively affects the yield. Also, for the successful cultivation of the Black Cat, it is necessary to carry out regular feeding, since this hybrid is characterized by rapid growth and early ripening of fruits, therefore it needs regular replenishment of nutrients.

Disease and pest resistance

Tomato Black Cat is highly resistant to fungal and viral diseases. It is not subject to verticillary wilting, tobacco mosaic, top rot.

But with a mismatch in growing conditions and sudden changes in night and day temperatures, it can suffer from phytophthora. Therefore, it is recommended to carry out preventive spraying of the bushes.

At an early stage, when transplanted into open ground, Black Cat tomatoes may suffer from the Colorado potato beetle. Also, at high humidity and temperature in the greenhouse, the bushes can be affected by the whitefly.

Scope of the fruit

Tomato Black Cat is one of the salad species. Therefore, the fruits can be eaten fresh and used for summer salads. Also, this hybrid tolerates heat treatment well, therefore it is suitable for preparing winter blanks. Due to their small size, tomatoes can be used for whole-fruit canning, pickling and pickling.

Other uses of the fruit:

  • juice;
  • lecho;
  • sauce;
  • paste;
  • ketchup.

Important! Black Cat tomatoes can be used for drying, as their flesh is rather fleshy and dense.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Black Cat tomato variety

This hybrid has certain pros and cons. Therefore, before making a final decision on landing, you need to study them. This information will allow you to get a general idea of ​​ u200b u200bthe Black Cat tomato.

The hybrid is characterized by rapid growth

Main advantages:

  • early ripening of fruits;
  • increased resistance to many diseases;
  • great taste of tomatoes;
  • good presentation;
  • resistance to transportation;
  • stable ovary even at elevated temperatures;
  • high content of lycopene in fruits.


  • seeds cannot be used for subsequent sowing;
  • needs regular feeding;
  • requires pinching and tying to a support.

Features of planting and caring for a tomato

It is necessary to grow Black Cat tomatoes in a seedling way. Transplanting seedlings to a permanent place should be carried out at the age of 45-50 days from the moment of seed germination. Therefore, the optimal period for sowing for further cultivation in the greenhouse is considered the first decade of March, and in unprotected ground - the end of this month.

Planting should be carried out in wide containers with a height of no more than 10 cm. The soil for seedlings should be prepared using turf, peat, sand and humus in a ratio of 2: 1: 1: 1. It is necessary to deepen the seeds into the moistened soil by 0.5 cm. Before germination, the containers should be in a dark place with a temperature of +25 degrees. After the friendly emergence of seedlings, they need to be rearranged on the windowsill and the mode should be lowered for a week to +18 degrees, which activates the development of the root. After that, increase the temperature to +20 and keep it at this level until landing in the ground.

Seeds germinate in 5-7 days

At the initial stage of tomato growth, you need to provide twelve hour daylight hours. Otherwise, the seedlings will stretch, which will negatively affect the yield and further development of the bushes.

It is necessary to plant the Black Cat tomatoes in a permanent place in the greenhouse in early May, and in unprotected soil - at the end of this month or in June. The seedlings should be placed at a distance of 50 cm so that they do not interfere with each other's development. Immediately install a support nearby so that as the shoots grow, they can be tied up.

Important! Planting density of tomatoes Black Cat - 3-4 plants per 1 sq. m.

Water the tomatoes as needed under the root. In a greenhouse, in order to avoid excessive evaporation, it is worth mulching the soil at the base of the bushes with humus or peat.

To get a good harvest and on time, Black Cat tomatoes need to be fertilized regularly. Do this for the first time 2 weeks after the transplant. During this period, organic or nitrogen-containing mineral mixtures should be used. In the future, fertilizers need to be applied at intervals of 14 days. During flowering and fruit ovary, phosphorus-potassium supplements should be used.

Tomatoes Black cat should be formed in 3-4 shoots, and the rest of the stepsons must be cut off. It is necessary to clean the bushes in the morning so that the wounds can dry out until the evening.

Pest and disease control methods

To protect the Black Cat tomatoes from late blight, you need to spray the bushes with fungicides once every 10-14 days. To do this, you can use drugs such as:

Also, to protect the seedlings from the Colorado potato beetle at the initial stage of growth, they need to be treated with Aktara working solution or watered at the root.

It is necessary to prepare the Aktara solution immediately before use.

For whitefly in the greenhouse, you need to use "Confidor Extra".

This drug needs to be watered and sprayed on the bushes.


Tomato Black Cat stands out against the background of other species not only by the unusual color of the fruit, but also by its high taste. But not all gardeners are still familiar with this hybrid, so detailed information about it will increase its popularity. Indeed, for many lovers of unusual types of tomatoes, it can be a successful discovery.

Reviews of tomato Black Cat F1

Elena Voronova, 45 years old, Bryansk I grew Black Cat tomatoes for the first time last year, the result pleased me. This season I also plan to purchase the seeds of this hybrid. Tomatoes have the correct rounded shape. When ripe, they become a uniform red-brown hue, and the flesh inside is dark cherry color. The taste of tomatoes is pleasant, sweetish, even in those specimens that have ripened at home.

Alexander Korsukhin, 48 years old, Nizhny Novgorod

Black Cat accidentally acquired last year, when he decided to grow new types of tomatoes in his personal plot. The seeds sprouted together on the 5th day. And subsequently, there were no problems with growing seedlings. He took the first fruits from the bushes in mid-July, which is quite good for a tall species. The taste of the Black Cat tomatoes is excellent, sweetish. I used most of the harvest fresh, and used the rest for winter harvesting. This year I plan to grow this hybrid again.

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