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Growing and caring for Lavater

Growing and caring for Lavater

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Good day, please tell me how to plant a lavender, how to care, etc. Who planted it? What did you do? Is it perennial or annual?


It rises perfectly, sown directly into the ground. They simply watered, did not even feed them with fertilizers. Tall flowers with abundant blooms.

Very unpretentious annual plant. Very plentiful flowering. You can sow directly into the ground, or you can seedlings. Last year I planted seedlings, collected seeds in the fall, this year I will immediately plant in the ground.

I live in the Urals. Sow right into the ground. Very unpretentious culture! Long flowering, annuals

Many thanks! )

And here are my lavatories. Sowing through seedlings


Planted 3 days ago in a snail with the ground. She came together

I live in the Arkhangelsk region, I always plant directly in the ground under cover material, grows well, I collect my seeds. Good luck to you!

She went to the snail. She ascended evenly and sturdy. We will observe

Thank you so much! )

Unpretentious, only in the shade blooms worse: plant in the sun.

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