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When to plant pumpkin and zucchini for seedlings

When to plant pumpkin and zucchini for seedlings

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When to plant pumpkin and zucchini for seedlings?


35-40 days before disembarkation

If there is a greenhouse, then you can right there. I am 3 weeks before transplanting into the ground, otherwise they outgrow and are sick for a long time

I agree, they do not tolerate transplant when large.

I ruined so much that year 🙂 I also read 35 days. As a result, those that landed earlier. At the end of May, they grew normally, and the rest, frail, were sick for a long time

It is possible earlier, but then it is necessary to make warm beds and cover them with lutrasil.

Zucchini then grows fast, but pumpkins, depending on what summer is, and I plant a few cucumbers, but I don’t like at home, everything stretches out, I sow in the country.

Agree. At least the third year. But she also realized that there was no place for them at home, and they stretched out. Better greenhouse 🙂 in their native country 🙂

Although I dropped out at home this week, Suzdal-it is written resistant to frost. I’ll plant in a greenhouse in a week 🙂

Last year, I also grew seedlings in glasses of 0. 4. I don’t remember how many days before planting I planted seeds. Landed in the ground, it seems to have taken root. But! For some reason, the tops were long light green in color. Sometimes it was necessary to water directly from the well. The water tank is small. Do you think water could cause a color change? Or is it they taking root like that? Do you adhere to the temperature regime when watering? Planted and seeds in the ground, but the summer is different. I want the pumpkin to ripen “on the bush”. She bombarded you with questions? We just love pumpkin.

The time has come

Last year, I planted a pumpkin in cups from a substrate, as in the video from Yulia, it was sprinkled according to her method when she was pulled out, when transplanting to a hole, she first placed it along with the substrate, and then she removed it, the roots were intact, and she always shaded!

And yet, during the transplantation, I poured water into a 5-liter well, lowered the substrate with seedlings after it was soaked up, covered it with earth, and then didn’t water it, the earth was just from this hole, put several layers of newspaper on the ground and didn’t water it 2 weeks.

I am a beginner gardener, I try only to water the tomatoes and cucumbers warm from the barrel, and everything else will be smoked. And from the pond and the well - let them rejoice

Thanks! Tips are very welcome! The only thing that bothers me in the glasses is that they are not as stable as ordinary glasses. Apparently, you need to compose everything tightly, adjust the height of the cups from the substrate and the height of the box. I usually sign glasses, here it will be necessary to stick immediately. You already have decent experience with substrates. And I bought a roll this year. Twisted snails. She made glasses for pepper, but something didn’t suit me, and she herself did not understand. She was probably scared that they would hang out bending in like this. Quickly passed into ordinary glasses. I’ll plant the pumpkin on the substrate and install it denser.

The substrate was twisted with a ring, fixed with a stapler in 3 places, the bottom. I filled the center, the top, the cups with moist earth (put blank substrates on a pallet and then stuffed them), twisted the top edge of the substrate like Yulia's, in order to then fill up the earth. And I turned the glasses along with the pallet, everything is stable.

I made glasses for pumpkins, see 10-12 in diameter, t. K. The pumpkin has a strong root, and in height like toilet paper.

Thank you, you inspired me.

I'm crazy about pumpkin.

I thought it was only my weakness. It’s inconvenient for me to write on the wall here, all of a sudden they don’t understand last year I had 20 varieties of pumpkins. I am looking for my grade. Pumpkin and carcass, and land, candied fruit, jam, in soups. This year several more new varieties were added. Some varieties will not be planted. Have a good harvest!

And what varieties do you advise to plant for a beginner

If the question is about pumpkin varieties, then I think it does not matter whether a beginner or an experienced one. Early varieties are used in the summer, not stored, late varieties are well stored, ripen after removal. There are varieties that are grown for seeds, and there are gymnosperms. In early April, the last pumpkin of the trombone variety was cut. You can write mnoooooooooo. But it is better to find this topic in the internet. Yes, nutmeg varieties taste better than carbohydrates. Varieties are portioned and more.

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