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Do I have to dive cabbage

Do I have to dive cabbage?



Yes it is necessary

Inadequately dive, she does not tolerate it

Do not dive, otherwise the black leg will torture you right away! If densely sown, just remove the weak plants and all.

In the cold, 6-8 * is needed for a week, so as not to stretch

I dived and kept it at home at first, it was all mine. Now put on the balcony. All got up !!! :)

Cabbage loves the cool. It’s better to thin out, it does not tolerate a pick.

But what if I stretched out? (((

if not yet completely strings, then immediately take out for 5-7 days in the cold. If you already have + 18-20 in the afternoon, then leave it there completely. If it is cold during the day, bring it to the room in 5-7 days.

Do you need to dive? Or is it already useless?

I don’t pick it at all. But look at the thickened

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