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How to grow tigridia

How to grow tigridia

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Ladies and gentlemen of the sectarian 🙂 I have such a question. Who grew the tigridium flower? Received a gift for lemon panderosis. How to grow it?


A beautiful flower, but only one day blooms

Work Maxim and the ground. Dig up in the fall.

I don't have Maxim 🙁

Alena, can be potassium permanganate, phytosparin. Land when the ground warms up

About it in stock :-). And you need to first in the pot. I have three onions. I think it’s cool to plant in the ground.

Alena, I’ve planted it in the ground a long time ago. If you transplant from pots, do not break the roots. I landed in the ground somewhere closer to May.

Clear. So I’ll make cups from the substrate. For now I’ll land like that. Thanks 🙂

At first I plant a large one in a pot, grow it up and when it is freezing, transfer it to the ground or leave it in a pot, and it blooms for one day, but new flowers bloom for several days in a row


Grown as gladioli

Magical flower! I am delighted with him. Peduncle spike, grow like a gladiolus!

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