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What trees and shrubs can be planted in sandy soil

What trees and shrubs can be planted in sandy soil

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I also have a question about sandy soil, they bought a plot for a summer cottage. There is land - almost one sand. Here we are racking our brains that trees and shrubs can be planted, and how to do it right, who has such experience, please share! Always dreamed of a garden


Elena, I have almost no land, but I planted colony-shaped apple trees and currants and gooseberries on the stem, grow beautifully, bear fruit, although they are more capricious than usual, so go for it

In such soil, carrots grow well. You will master the site, the layer will gradually grow. There was such an experience. Only watering more often will be necessary. Somehow, between cases, you can breed worms quietly. You will sow siderata.

Gooseberries are very fond of such soil.

We also have sand. I plant everything from trees and bushes. In the pit, I just add compost, and organic and purchased land. In the Moscow region, the majority of the land has sand - people harvest! And you will succeed!

My mother-in-law on sandy soil grew well, large, clean potatoes! True, her dung was in abundance.

We also have sand, the site is 25 years old. For many years we carried black earth and manure, now the land is very good, like fluff. Everything grows well, except for apple trees. As soon as they didn’t plant it, they didn’t take root and that’s it. Such water requires a lot of watering. The potato is good, but even water it. Raspberry is excellent, again if watered. Fruit and berry bushes grow well and bear fruit. Pear, plum, cherry. Carrots, by the way, do not say what is good, but we have enough. I would even say that with carrots we have the worst situation with all vegetables 🙂 in general, you can grow everything, but of course you need to make an effort.

Thanks, thanks. We will try quietly

What do you think is sand? light gray earth or yellow sand?

My land is light gray, carrots also grow poorly, and everything else is good and fruit and vegetable crops, I think this is fertile land, it’s easy to grow everything with it, it’s also easy to fertilize.

What does sand mean? light gray earth when dry or yellow sand?

We have places and so and so. We are right next to the river in the lowland, sometimes clean river sand is yellow granular. In places it’s grayish, like dust it becomes in the heat.

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