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How to fence the beds so that the earth does not erode

How to fence the beds so that the earth does not erode

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Good morning! Who is protecting their beds than flower beds so that the earth is not washed away?


I’m an old metal roof (it’s unprofitable) but beautiful, you can use a cipher or boards, the internet is full of such ideas. See ideas for the garden.

So that it is not harmful for the garden

This is not harmful.

If you are about May roof, then this galvanization, it does not rust, it is not harmful.

I’m talking about slate, they say it highlights, something is bad for the crop

The flowerbeds are stoned, and the beds are siding.

Honestly, I can’t say that, but many people do it in natural farming, but they are for a healthy harvest. Climb all the currents in YouTube there are a lot of ideas, maybe something will suit you and please from the materials at hand.

It is very good with boards, but they need to be covered, otherwise they quickly rot, and is expensive.

Slate is harmless. We do not write him out from abroad. This is foreign with the addition of some crap. Slate of the Russian manufacturer is harmless.

I enclose with wooden boards. Not a very cheap pleasure, but I like wooden borders. Gradually I want to arrange all the beds. Flowerbeds are surrounded by plastic borders such as ribbons.

We have slate too, all beds are covered, very convenient!

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