Dandelion lawn remedy

Dandelion lawn remedy

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Perennial plants sprouting from seeds can be a serious problem for many summer residents. As practice shows, getting rid of dandelions on the site forever is possible, for this there are a large number of folk methods and special chemicals. In order to get rid of this type of weed as quickly as possible, it is recommended to adhere to all recommendations, perform work according to a step-by-step algorithm and take into account the instructions for the drugs used.

Dandelion control methods

Getting rid of dandelions in the country is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. There are many ways to do this. In this situation, you can use not only special devices for removing roots or chemicals, but also folk methods, which, as practice shows, do not cause any harm to the land plot. Folk ways to get rid of dandelions are an excellent solution if you need to remove weeds in the garden without harming the seedlings.

Regular mowing of grass

Often dandelions begin to attack a beautiful lawn, getting rid of which is quite problematic. Today there are a large number of remedies for dandelion lawn, which include both simple and more complex methods. The right choice will allow you to get rid of weeds once and for all, without causing much damage to the site.

A fairly effective way is mowing. In this case, you can use a trimmer or lawn mower. If necessary, the mower cutter height can be increased by 5 cm, so that the height of the lawn grass will prevent the development of dandelions.

Important! The mowing process must be carried out before the dandelions begin to bloom.

With salt

Salt is an equally effective way. With its help, you can destroy the weeds growing on the land. The step-by-step algorithm of actions is as simple as possible and does not require significant effort. All that is required in this case is to find dandelions on the garden plot and sprinkle each bush with salt, using about 10-20 g of salt for this. After a while, the weed will begin to die.

Boiling water

As practice shows, there are a lot of dandelion remedies. In such situations, you can use not only special chemicals, but also the simplest options, which do not require large costs. One such method is using boiling water to get rid of dandelions.

The step-by-step algorithm of actions is as simple as possible, you need to boil the water and pour boiling water over the dandelions about 3-4 times, after which the plant withers and dries up.

Attention! This method is best used in cases where there is a small amount of weed in the garden.


If necessary, in order to get rid of dandelions on the land forever, you can use an improvised remedy that everyone has at home - vinegar essence. It is important to take into account the fact that pure vinegar cannot be used, it must be diluted in a small amount of water, after which the resulting solution is poured into a bottle with a garden spray.

The first step is to remove the aerial part of the dandelion, and then carefully treat the rhizome with vinegar solution. If the work is done correctly, then it will not be difficult to remove the roots, otherwise the procedure must be repeated.

Corn flour

It is important to consider the fact that using cornmeal as a dandelion-killing agent is a preventative method. Until the moment when the first shoots of dandelions appeared on the land plot, it is recommended to sprinkle the soil abundantly with corn flour, and then repeat this procedure every 1.5 months.

When it becomes clear that the lawn is covered with dandelions, you will need to carry out the procedure more often - every month. As practice shows, corn flour interferes with the germination of seeds, as a result of which the number of weeds is significantly reduced.

Important! If necessary, corn meal can be replaced with feed meal or gluten meal.

Root remover and other tools

As evidenced by the reviews of many gardeners, it is quite difficult to remove dandelions from the lawn and flower beds, on which almost the entire area is occupied by overgrown perennial plants or the land plot is under turf.

In this case, it is best to use special devices designed for the targeted extermination of dandelions. Thanks to the use of such tools, you can not be afraid that irreparable damage will be caused to the grass covering on the lawn.

Since the root remover has a pointed edge, it is possible to penetrate quite deep into the soil, cut off the rhizome and remove the dandelions along with the aerial part. The holes remaining after work are small in size, while they quickly overgrow.

Advice! If necessary, the holes can be covered with earth and watered abundantly, so they will overgrow even faster.

Improving soil composition

Many experienced gardeners recommend improving the composition of the soil, as a result of which over time you will not have to get rid of dandelions - they themselves will not grow on the land. In order to improve the soil, it is recommended to apply fertilizers. In addition, in order for moisture to persist for a long time, it is best to mulch the ground. Thanks to the mulch on the site, not only moisture will be preserved, but also the growth of dandelions will significantly slow down.

With the help of pets

If the problem appears in a summer cottage where there are pets, then it is quite effective to remove dandelions from the garden or lawn. In areas where there is abundant weed growth, it is recommended to drive out poultry, such as chickens, geese or ducks. As practice shows, pets eat dandelions for food, as a result of which they will help get rid of weeds on the site as soon as possible and without causing harm.

With a burner

According to many summer residents, you can remove dandelions from the site using a gas burner. In this case, work must be carried out after the dandelion has completely faded. Thus, the burner must be directed to the problematic area where weeds grow. After the aerial part has charred, it is necessary to point out the root system of the plant.

Important! When carrying out work to remove dandelions using a gas burner, keep in mind the safety precautions.

Hydrochloric acid

It is recommended to use hydrochloric acid only for removing dandelions from the lawn, since this method is not suitable for the garden and vegetable garden - it can be quite easy to harm crops. When working with hydrochloric acid, safety precautions are required. Wear gloves on your hands and a respirator on your face to prevent inhalation of harmful vapors. It is necessary to pour hydrochloric acid on the dandelion on all sides, after which, after a while, it will completely dry out.


As everyone knows, hand weeding is a rather laborious and time-consuming process. A completely different matter is the use of herbicides for dandelions on the lawn - this option is considered the most optimal if the land plot is completely overgrown with weeds, and it is not possible to get rid of it manually.

Thanks to the wide assortment range, you can find a large number of chemicals on sale that have different effects on dandelions:

  • all green grass that has been sprayed with liquid during processing will be destroyed;
  • only cereals or the root system of weeds are subject to destruction.

If we consider chemicals of a wide spectrum of action, then in this case the following drugs are perfect:

  • Roundup;
  • "Tornado";
  • Agrokiller.

These drugs will perfectly help to get rid of not only dandelions, but also wheatgrass, sow thistle and other types of weeds, which are sometimes extremely difficult to remove. A distinctive feature of chemicals is the fact that they continue to act even after spraying green spaces for several days.

Attention! It is important to understand that chemicals will help get rid of weeds, but they can also have a negative effect on the planted seedlings.

How to deal with dandelions in the garden

The process of dealing with dandelions in the garden allows the use of all of the above methods. Each summer resident chooses for himself exactly the method that is most suitable for a particular case and takes the least time and money. If you have pets, you can entrust this business to them.

How to get rid of dandelions on your lawn

As practice shows, the fight against dandelions on the lawn should be targeted, which is why it is best to use various root removers. This approach will allow you to get rid of dandelions without much harm to the lawn. Mowing grass is also suitable. As a result, not only the weeds will be removed, but also the lawn is neatly mowed.

How to get rid of dandelions in your garden

The fight against dandelions in the garden should be as careful as possible, since there is a high probability that significant damage will be done to the cultural plantings. If necessary, you can use herbicides, but you need to pay attention to their composition and purpose - they must be suitable for a particular case. You can also use boiling water - this is a point method, so you can get rid of weeds in specific places.

Prevention measures

It is important to understand that there are no specific preventive measures that can be used to completely get rid of weeds on the site. The best option is to mow the grass before flowering, since otherwise the seeds will begin to actively germinate, occupying an ever larger area.


It is possible to get rid of dandelions on the site forever if you know exactly what measures you need to take in a specific situation. In addition, it is important to understand that each method is effective in its own way, and you always need to consider where exactly it will be used. For example, it is undesirable to use herbicides in the garden, since there is a high probability that all seedlings will be destroyed.

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