Tincture of white cinquefoil: instructions for use, benefits and harms, what heals, reviews

Tincture of white cinquefoil: instructions for use, benefits and harms, what heals, reviews

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You can take tincture of white cinquefoil for various serious ailments - the natural remedy has a quick healing effect. But so that the tincture does not bring harm, it is necessary to carefully study its properties and rules of use.

Composition and value of tincture of white cinquefoil

White cinquefoil and tincture based on it are found in many recipes of traditional medicine. The popularity of a natural remedy is easy to explain if you study the composition of a medicinal plant. It contains:

  • flavonoids and saponins;
  • tannins;
  • potassium, iron and manganese;
  • magnesium, iodine and selenium;
  • calcium and copper;
  • iridoids;
  • albinin;
  • gallothanin;
  • phenol carboxylic acids;
  • cobalt and zinc.

All useful elements in the composition of white cinquefoil are preserved in the tincture prepared on its basis. When interacting with strong vodka or alcohol, the plant quickly and fully gives up all its valuable qualities, which is why it is recommended to take alcoholic tinctures for treatment more often than decoctions and infusions on water. The value of white cinquefoil will be very high for people who are not allergic to alcohol; in moderate doses, the tincture has a powerful positive effect.

What does the tincture of white cinquefoil taste like?

The taste qualities of the tincture are mainly described positively, patients note that the taste of the product is specific and unique, but pleasant.

A recognizable feature of Potentilla is that the product strongly knits the mouth and throat, and this effect is explained by the increased content of tannins.

What is the treatment of tincture of white cinquefoil with vodka or alcohol?

Tincture of white cinquefoil on vodka has numerous beneficial properties, among which are:

  • choleretic - vodka medicine helps well with problems with the liver and gallbladder;
  • antioxidant - the agent is recommended to be taken for tumor processes in the body and for rejuvenation;
  • anti-sclerotic - alcohol medicine heals vascular diseases and strengthens the heart system;
  • anti-inflammatory - the medicine helps well with infectious processes in the body and with inflammation of the skin.

Also, alcohol medicine can be taken to relieve pain. White cinquefoil helps to lower cholesterol levels and cleanses tissues of toxins and radioactive substances, has a beneficial effect on digestion.

An alcohol-based product is used for:

  • chronic hepatitis and liver cirrhosis;
  • jaundice;
  • weakened immunity and colds;
  • gynecological ailments in women and men;
  • reproductive problems;
  • diseases of the nervous system;
  • heart and vascular ailments;
  • inflammation of the joints.

You can also note the beneficial effect of the cinquefoil medicine on the thyroid gland. The remedy has a positive effect on the endocrine system and helps in the treatment of thyrotoxicosis, goiter and thyroid adenoma.

Advice! Due to its high iodine content, the drug is beneficial for iodine deficiency.

How to make a tincture of white cinquefoil

The drug can be bought at a pharmacy, or you can prepare it yourself, for this you only need white cinquefoil and an alcoholic base.

  • The collection of medicinal raw materials is carried out throughout the warm season. The exact timing depends on what exactly is needed to create the drink. The root of the white cinquefoil is dug out of the ground in early spring or shortly before the autumn frosts, the leaves and stems are harvested in the summer, and the flowers are harvested from May to June.
  • For the preparation of medicinal products, it is necessary to take adult plants of white cinquefoil. The highest concentration of nutrients is found in grass from 4 years and older. When collecting roots, it is recommended to choose a plant after 10 years of growing season, the older the grass, the longer the root will be.

Tincture of white cinquefoil root in alcohol or vodka is prepared from pre-dried raw materials. White cinquefoil is dried in the usual way - in the fresh air in the shade, with low humidity and away from direct sunlight. It is not recommended to use technical devices for drying; at high temperatures in the cinquefoil, most of the useful compounds will simply be destroyed.

The finished raw materials can be used for cooking immediately, or they can be stored in a dry, shaded place. You need to keep the white cinquefoil in a glass container or a wooden box, and the raw material retains its useful properties for up to 2 years.

Is it better to insist on vodka or alcohol

The medicine has useful properties in both versions, both in alcohol and in vodka. However, there is a rule that the higher the degree of the alcoholic drink, the faster and more complete any medicinal herb gives its properties. From this point of view, 70% alcohol is the preferred base.

But vodka has an important advantage - a drink with a strength of not higher than 40 degrees in small quantities is safe for the stomach, and you can take it in pure form. But the medicine from white cinquefoil on alcohol, before being taken, must be diluted with water so that it does not harm the mucous membranes.

What parts of the plant are infused

Any part of the plant is suitable for preparing tincture of Potentilla white. In folk medicine, roots, stems, flowers and leaves of a plant are used, the chemical composition of different parts is approximately the same. However, there are more tannins in the root of the plant, and the green aerial parts contain more antioxidants.

Therefore, the roots of Potentilla are often recommended to be taken to treat inflammation and intestinal diseases, to level out hormonal levels. As for the tincture of alcohol from flowers and leaves, it is useful to take it to normalize the state of the nervous system, for the prevention of tumors and for rejuvenation.

Recipes for tincture of white cinquefoil on vodka, on alcohol

An alcohol medicine from medicinal raw materials is prepared in several ways - the recipes differ slightly in composition, dosages and methods of application.

With cardiovascular ailments and inflammatory processes in the mouth and throat, this recipe for tincture from white cinquefoil helps well:

  • 50 g of crushed dry root of a plant is poured with 500 ml of vodka;
  • close the glass container with a lid and remove for 21 days in a dark, cool place;
  • filter the finished medicine.

You need to take a drink in a teaspoon three times a day. Also, the classic vodka medicine can be used to rinse your mouth and throat or wipe off irritations on the skin. It has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and quickly fights infections.

To raise immunity and to normalize blood pressure in hypertension, you can prepare and take white cinquefoil on vodka from the ground parts of the medicinal herb. The recipe looks like this:

  • 2 large tablespoons of dried herbs and flowers are crushed;
  • raw materials are poured with 200 ml of vodka or alcohol;
  • in a glass container, the agent is insisted for a month in a dark place;
  • after the expiration of the period, the agent must be filtered and taken 25-30 drops three times a day on an empty stomach.

Attention! For a better distribution of valuable substances, the agent must be shaken periodically during the infusion period.

Algorithms for preparing tincture of Potentilla white on vodka or using alcohol are practically the same. The only difference is that before taking the alcohol tincture, you need to dilute it with clean water in a ratio of 2 to 3.

How to drink tincture of white cinquefoil

Tincture of white cinquefoil using vodka or alcohol has many beneficial properties, but theoretically it can harm the body. Therefore, it is necessary to take a medicinal natural remedy clearly according to proven recipes and follow the recommended dosages.

How to take tincture of white cinquefoil for immunity

Reviews of tincture of white cinquefoil root claim that with a weakened immunity, the remedy can strengthen the body's defenses and strengthen its resistance to viruses and infections. To prepare a remedy you need:

  • grind about 15 g of white cinquefoil rhizomes into powder;
  • pour raw materials with 100 ml of high-quality vodka;
  • in a glass container, remove the product for a month in a dark and cool place.

Every day, the vessel needs to be taken out for a short time and shaken up so that the valuable substances are better distributed. When the tincture is ready, you will need to filter it and take 1/2 small spoon on an empty stomach three times a day.

How to take tincture of white cinquefoil root for gynecological diseases

With inflammatory processes of the genital area in women and with uterine fibroids, tincture on the root of the plant with vodka is of great benefit. To create it you need:

  • pour 1 liter of good vodka 100 g of crushed dry root;
  • in a closed form for 2 weeks, remove the cinquefoil in a dark place;
  • before direct use, properly filter.

You need to take the drug in 20-30 drops shortly before a meal three times a day. Before using the tincture, it is recommended to dilute it in 100 ml of water, even if it is not prepared with alcohol, but with ordinary vodka. With proper use, cinquefoil in vodka tincture will help get rid of pain in the lower abdomen and relieve inflammation.

The use of alcohol tincture of white cinquefoil for mastopathy

Another indication for the use of a healing tincture is mastopathy, a disease that causes inflammation, soreness and swelling of the breasts in women. To prepare a medicine, you need:

  • grind 100 g of Potentilla root to a powder;
  • pour the powder with 500 ml of alcohol preheated in a water bath;
  • remove the product to infuse for 21 days in a dark and cool place.

The finished tincture is filtered, and then diluted with water in a ratio of 2 parts of the medicine to 3 parts of water. After that, 1 small spoonful of the product is again diluted with 50 ml of water, and you need to take the medicine twice a day on an empty stomach. Reviews of the tincture of Potentilla white confirm that the healing agent helps to get rid of increased breast sensitivity and swelling, eliminates inflammation and relieves pain.

Admission rules for weight loss

White cinquefoil is a good natural diuretic, diuretic and cleanser. Therefore, a strong herbal tincture can be taken on a diet for quick weight loss.

To create a tincture, a classic recipe is used - 50 g of roots or flowers are crushed, and then 500 ml of alcohol or vodka is poured in and insisted for 3 weeks. You need to take the tincture three times a day in an amount of no more than 25 drops per dose, and the whole course continues for 3-4 weeks.

White cinquefoil helps to establish digestion processes, removes toxins and excess fluids from the body. Due to this, weight is also reduced, since extra pounds are often caused by slagging of the body.

Important! During a weight loss diet, the stomach and intestines become especially vulnerable and prone to irritation. It is necessary to take tincture of Potentilla white on vodka for weight loss strictly according to recipes, otherwise the remedy can harm the stomach.

How to drink for potency

White Potentilla tincture is able to restore the weakened potency in men and have a beneficial effect on the level of libido. They prepare it like this:

  • the medicinal root of the plant is crushed in an amount of 200 g;
  • pour a liter of high-quality vodka or medical alcohol;
  • put away for a week in a cool and dark place.

Periodically shake the tincture so that the valuable substances in it are better distributed. When the product is ready, you will need to strain it, and then take a small spoon on an empty stomach 3-5 times a day.

The use of cinquefoil white tincture in cosmetology

The use of tincture of white cinquefoil on vodka is not limited to medicine. In home cosmetology, the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of tincture on white cinquefoil are especially in demand. When applied gently, it can help clear acne and fine lines. Also, the tincture can be used for hair care, it regulates the oiliness of the scalp and helps to get rid of dandruff.

For acne for home use, you can prepare the following lotion:

  • tincture of white cinquefoil on vodka is diluted with water to 5% strength;
  • in 100 ml of the drug add 20 ml of fresh aloe juice;
  • the ingredients are mixed.

It is necessary to wash with lotion every day in the morning, white cinquefoil in combination with aloe will relieve inflammation, cleanse the pores and help regulate the oily skin.

Important! Only a weak solution of tincture on cinquefoil can be used for washing, a high concentration of alcohol can leave burns on the skin.

For hair care, you can prepare a natural rinse - add a little diluted tincture and lemon juice to any herbal decoction. Hair under the influence of such a rinse becomes more manageable and shiny, stops falling out and gains strength and health.

Limitations and contraindications

The benefits and harms of tincture of white cinquefoil depend on many factors. Some people are generally discouraged from taking the drug because it can cause serious harm. Among the contraindications for alcohol tincture are:

  • allergy to components in the composition of Potentilla;
  • allergic to any alcohol;
  • tachycardia and angina pectoris;
  • hypothyroidism;
  • chronically low blood pressure - hypotension;
  • a tendency to constipation.

It is strictly forbidden to take the tincture for women during pregnancy and lactation, and you should also not give medicine to children and adolescents up to 18 years of age.

When using a medicinal tincture on white cinquefoil, it is very important to observe the established dosages, no more than 90-100 drops per day in several doses. If the amount of healing agent is exceeded, symptoms such as fatigue, lethargy, headache, or heart palpitations may occur. Cinquefoil often causes drowsiness, so it should not be taken immediately before intellectual or physical work.

You can not use a tincture on vodka for drivers who are going to get behind the wheel, even in minimal dosages, the product remains alcoholic.


It is possible to take tincture of white cinquefoil for the prevention and treatment of many serious ailments. However, in the process of application, it is necessary to follow the minimum dosages and monitor your well-being, potentially the agent can cause harm.

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