How to plant cucumbers in a greenhouse correctly

How to plant cucumbers in a greenhouse correctly

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Not every novice gardener knows that planting cucumbers in a greenhouse in August is also possible. If you carry out such an event correctly, you can get a good harvest. Planting cucumbers at the end of summer is quite possible, but this applies only to some varieties.

The rules for growing vegetables in the fall are pretty simple. They consist in creating the most favorable conditions for the plant culture. It's not just about watering and preparing the soil, but also about the right lighting and heat. Not all varieties of cucumbers will tolerate the autumn cool well even in a greenhouse, so only the most resistant ones need to be planted.

How to choose a cucumber variety

Nowadays, a huge number of different varieties of cucumbers are widely represented on the market for products for horticulture and horticulture. But not all of them easily tolerate greenhouse cultivation. Some are specifically designed to only grow outdoors. Such varieties cannot be used for planting in a greenhouse. Moreover, when choosing the right seeds, you need to pay attention to the quality of the finished vegetables. Some are good for canning, while others are best cut into salads.

Experienced gardeners recommend using specially designed or universal varieties of cucumbers for late planting in the greenhouse, which include "Herman", "Meringue" and "Claudia". All of them are distinguished by high resistance to various diseases, small size and good taste. Ripening in these varieties is early, but the leader is "Herman", which ripens within 40 days after planting in the soil. "Merenga" has a high yield. With the right approach, you can achieve such a result in which it will be possible to collect up to 8 kg of vegetables from one bush. "Claudia" is perfect for pickling.

Rules for planting cucumbers in the greenhouse

This moment is considered the main one for obtaining a good result. Even if you choose the most suitable and high-quality seeds, nothing sensible may grow out of them if the planting rules are violated.

Advice! You need to plant cucumbers in warm soil.

To do this, you will need to carry out one simple, but very useful procedure. In the hole where the cucumber will be planted afterwards, you need to pour in a little warm manganese solution, and then a little more warm water.

It is important to plant the cucumber so that its root collar does not touch the ground. If water gets on it during watering, this can lead to rotting of the vegetable. You can transfer seedlings from pots to the soil in a greenhouse a month after the first leaves appear. This time will be quite enough to properly prepare the soil. It needs to be well fertilized, for which wood ash, urea, potassium sulfate solution or superphosphate are used. After the land is cultivated, it must be carefully dug up and poured in cow dung or bird droppings diluted in water.

It is advisable to plant cucumbers in a warm ground. To do this, it can be additionally warmed up. A similar procedure is performed using a film that covers the prepared beds a week before planting cucumbers on them. Even at the end of August this will be enough.

Schemes for planting cucumbers in the greenhouse

In order for the plants to feel good and bear a lot of fruits, they must be planted correctly. Plants should not be located too close to each other, otherwise they will become very crowded over time, which will lead to a decrease in yield.

Most often, experienced gardeners use planting schemes in a row or staggered. The distance between each bush should be at least 60 cm, otherwise the cucumbers will be too crowded, that is, they will not receive enough light and nutrients from the soil. Do not plant cucumbers or other greenhouse plants too close to the edge of the greenhouse. This will prevent them from getting enough heat. If in August there may not be any problems with this, then in September-October the cold will surely affect the yield.

The rules for transplanting cucumbers provide for the preservation of the integrity of the main clod of earth, which will be in the pot along with the seedlings. This will keep the roots intact, that is, it will be easier for the plant to adapt to the new place.

After all the seedlings have found their place in the beds, you need to stretch 2 rows of ropes, which the plants will cling to when they begin to actively grow. The optimal height of the top row will be 1.5 m.

Greenhouse requirements

If the gardener decides to grow a high-quality and bountiful harvest of cucumbers by planting them in a greenhouse in August, he needs to follow several important rules. First of all, you need to pay special attention to the structure itself. It must be made of quality material that will withstand the autumn cold. Polycarbonate is best suited for this. The cucumber greenhouse should be high enough. The minimum for a building is 180 cm. In addition, the greenhouse must be equipped with a window. This will allow you not to overheat the cucumbers in warm weather and effectively ventilate the room.

Experts recommend using greenhouses on a pile foundation for growing cucumbers, this option is not only more convenient, but also durable.

Before planting cucumbers in the greenhouse, you need to think over the irrigation system. It can be any mechanical or automatic, the main thing is that the plants receive enough moisture.

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