Zucchini Suha F1

Zucchini Suha F1

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Today there are many different types of squash. They differ in color, size, taste. More and more gardeners prefer new, hybrid varieties. The hybrids are distinguished by good resistance to diseases, harmonious yield and high yield.

In this article, we will focus on the Sukha zucchini variety.


Zucchini "Suha F1" is an early maturing variety. The period from sowing seeds to harvesting is 40-45 days. The first crop can be harvested, judging by the reviews, already 30-35 days after planting the seeds in open ground. The plant is bushy, compact.

The variety is hybrid, therefore, all their distinctive characteristics are characteristic of it:

  • good disease resistance;
  • high productivity;
  • good tolerance to the "whims" of nature and temperature changes.

The fruits are smooth, cylindrical and light green in color. The length of a mature vegetable ranges from 16 to 18 cm. The weight of one fruit is from 400 to 1000 grams.

The flesh of the Sukha zucchini is dense and tender. Good taste.

In cooking, young fruits are used for frying, preparing salads, caviar, pancakes, and also stuffed, pickled and canned as preparations for the winter.

The yield of the variety is high. From one hectare of a garden, you can collect from 400 to 1200 centners of a healthy and tasty vegetable.

Growing features

Zucchini are very unpretentious to grow. Caring for the plant is very simple, so even a novice amateur gardener can do it. The whole cultivation process consists in regular watering, loosening the soil, timely removal of weeds and top dressing.

Advice! Zucchini can be planted in the garden with both seeds and seedlings.

When transplanting, to increase the chances of rooting, the plant should be planted in the early morning, in cloudy weather and at a sufficiently high air temperature.

How to properly care for zucchini during the growth and maturation period, you will learn from the video:


Irina Fedorovna, 46 years old, Mogilev, Republic of Belarus

I plant zucchini in the country every year. I tried the hybrid variety for the first time. At first, I was wary of all the characteristics stated on the packaging, but later, I was convinced that it was written - the truth. The seeds sprout quickly and amicably. The bushes are compact. Zucchini began to appear on the plant after a month. From one bush, I collected from 6 to 12 fruits. Until full biological maturity, I had only 3 vegetables in the garden. I left them specially for seeds. The rest I collected and prepared various dishes from them: from soups and salads, to preparations for the winter. The flesh of the fruits is very tender, moderately juicy, there are few seeds and they are small. The taste is excellent. The skin of the fruit is soft, does not coarse even when stored indoors or in the refrigerator. I really liked the Sukha variety. Especially my family liked it, so the question of further cultivation was resolved by itself.

Maria Vikentievna, 53 years old, Yelsk

Hybrid varieties of vegetables on my site every year occupy more and more land. This year I decided to sow a new zucchini variety "Sukha". The manufacturer in the description pointed to the high yield of zucchini, resistance to diseases and early ripening of fruits. All specifications stated on the packaging were true. The harvest was indeed very large. The vegetables ripened quickly and amicably. I had no problems with diseases. The taste is excellent. Next year I will plant this variety again. I really liked him.

Ivan Petrovich, 51 years old, Pskov

Zucchini are my favorite vegetables. They are not only tasty, but also very healthy. I grow them regularly on my site. Since zucchini is part of my daily diet, I always harvest it in large quantities, so it is very important for me that the variety is high-yielding. For this purpose, lately I have been growing hybrids more and more often. The result is always excellent. A rich harvest with minimal labor costs.

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