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Flower stalks on strawberries bend and dry. What to do

Flower stalks on strawberries bend and dry. What to do

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Good day!

I had problems with strawberries on the plot. The fact is that now strawberry bushes should bloom, but the peduncles bend and dry as soon as the flowers appear. The bushes themselves are not damaged. What is it? Pest or disease?

Thank you in advance.


Not enough information you posted to establish the cause of the problem. Ovary problems often arise when strawberries have been growing in the same area for many years in a row. It greatly depletes the soil, and it is better to transplant strawberries every 3-4 years. Another common cause of ovary death can be a disease such as verticillous wilting, which affects the root system during flowering. Often it occurs when strawberries are planted in the area where potatoes or tomatoes grew before. It is better to destroy such strawberries, in this place more strawberries should not be planted.

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