Eggplant pickled like mushrooms

Eggplant pickled like mushrooms

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There are a lot of pickled eggplant recipes. Vegetables are so tasty and easy to prepare that no chef will refuse the dish. To surprise your family with a quick and original snack, you should try the eggplants marinated like mushrooms.

Rules for the selection and preparation of products

The main product in these recipes is eggplant. The taste and benefits of the finished dish depend on the quality of the vegetables used.

When choosing eggplants, you need to pay attention to:

  1. Fruit size. Too large to take is not worth it. Such a vegetable is either overripe or grown with a lot of dressings. But, if there is an opportunity to see the fruits in a section, then it is worth doing. Maybe you got a large-fruited variety.
  2. Appearance. A high-quality eggplant has a smooth shiny skin without damage, traces of spoilage and decay. The stalk is green, the flesh is white, firm. The seeds are light.
  3. Age. There is no need to inspect the fruit in section if the skin is wrinkled and dry, the stalk is brown.

Selected vegetables must be washed from dust and dirt under running water. A pickled eggplant recipe that tastes like mushrooms usually involves peeling the vegetable. To do this, use a special or familiar kitchen knife. So that the fruits do not taste bitter, after cutting the slices are either sprinkled with salt or soaked in salted water for 20 minutes. Then the liquid is drained. Further processing depends on the recipe.

Let's consider several options for marinating eggplants like "mushrooms" for the winter.

Important! Choose a recipe based on your family's tastes and health.

Eggplant pickled like mushrooms: an instant recipe

How to quickly pickle eggplants like "mushrooms"? This dish is ready in 24 hours! The taste of the vegetables is so amazing and the costs are low that the recipe is growing in popularity.

To prepare an appetizer, you will need familiar foods and a minimum of experience. Usually, such a dish is prepared with garlic.


For 2 kilograms of medium eggplant, add 1 head of garlic. Better to take a winter variety, it has a richer taste. Fresh greens of dill will be enough 250 g. This number of components requires 1.5 cups of sunflower oil, 10 tbsp. l. table vinegar (9% concentration), 2.5 liters of pure water, 2 tbsp. l common salt.

Cooking method

You do not need to peel vegetables. Wash well and cut into small cubes (1.5 cm).

Prepare the components for the marinade - water, vinegar, salt. Add eggplant cubes to the boiling solution and boil for no more than 5 minutes.

Throw the vegetables in a colander. Leave for 1 hour to glass the water.

Transfer to a convenient bowl, add chopped dill, chopped garlic and vegetable oil. Everything in full.

Prepare the container. Wash and dry the jars. Place the eggplants, close with a nylon lid, place in the refrigerator. Leave the eggplants like mushrooms in the marinade for a day.

You can taste it. Store eggplants, like mushrooms, drenched in marinade, in the refrigerator.

Fried eggplants like mushrooms, no sterilization

Delicious preparation. In order for vegetables to stand all winter without sterilization, components such as garlic and hot peppers are provided. It is very easy to prepare them, so this recipe is suitable for novice cooks.

List of required products

The set is designed for 1.2 kg of eggplants. For the appetizer to be not only tasty, but also attractive, you need to take 1.5 kg of saturated red tomatoes. 300 g of yellow or orange sweet pepper, the same amount of onions, 1 hot peppercorn, 5 cloves of garlic, 1 tbsp of table salt is enough. Take 5 tbsp of granulated sugar for pouring. l., and vinegar (9%) - 100 ml, set aside 8 pcs. allspice and black peppercorns, add vegetable oil if necessary.

Cook all ingredients at the same time.

Cooking method

Wash vegetables, cut into circles, salt, leave to juice.

Twist tomatoes, both types of peppers, onions, chives in a meat grinder.

Put the mass on the stove. Add pepper, sugar and salt. Boil for 30 minutes.

Now you can continue to cook the blue ones. Rinse the circles from salt and juice, squeeze. Heat a frying pan, pour in sunflower oil and fry the vegetables until golden brown.

Transfer the mugs to the tomato sauce, boil for 15 minutes. Pour in vinegar, continue boiling for another 5 minutes.

Sterilize glass jars, put the mass of fried vegetables in the sauce, then roll up.

Important! Jars with the workpiece should cool slowly, do not transfer them directly to the cold.

Eggplants like "mushrooms" in a marinade: a recipe for winter preparation

The recipe is interesting in that variations with food and cooking method are allowed in it. For example, the amount of garlic is selected according to taste. You can stick to the original recipe, but if you want a sharper or softer snack, this will not affect the overall taste of the product. Eggplants marinated under "mushrooms" for the winter will suit even gourmets.

Grocery list

The main components are 1 kg of eggplant, 1 head of garlic, 120 ml of sunflower oil.

For the marinade, you will need 1 liter of clean water, 1 tbsp each. salt and sugar, 2 pcs. bay leaf, 4 pcs. allspice peas, 6 tbsp. table vinegar (9%).

Use less garlic if you need to reduce the pungency. It is also acceptable to include your favorite spices - cloves, coriander seeds or mustard.

Important! Marinating eggplants for "mushrooms" is done only with table salt, iodized for harvesting is not suitable.

Consider detailed instructions on how to pickle eggplants like mushrooms.

Cooking technology

Take some time to marinade first. Put prepared spices in a spacious saucepan.

Pour water. Temperature doesn't matter. Stir, put the saucepan on the stove. Bring the marinade to a boil.

Prepare the eggplant. Wash vegetables, cut off the tails. In the recipe, the option with and without skin is equally appropriate. Cut into slices. Choose a size that does not crush the eggplant when serving. Optimally 3-4 cm.

Place vegetables in a separate bowl.

Boil the marinade for 1 minute, add vinegar and lay the eggplant slices.

Bring the mixture to a boil and cook without a lid for 5 minutes. Stir the eggplants very gently. It is optimal to lower the pieces to the bottom of the liquid using a slotted spoon so that they do not float on the surface.

Now remove the pan from heat, cover, let it brew for 10 minutes.

Place eggplant slices in a colander or sieve to drain the marinade. Enough 10 minutes.

Peel the garlic, chop it in a convenient way. The amount is regulated by taste preferences.

Heat the sunflower oil in a deep frying pan, fry the garlic very quickly (25-30 seconds).

Important! Overcooked garlic adds bitterness to the workpiece.

Add the eggplant slices to a skillet with garlic oil and fry for 4 minutes over high heat. Be sure to mix the pieces. This is done in order not to sterilize the winter harvest.

Prepare cans and lids for rolling. Sterilize or warm up in the microwave, boil the lids. Arrange hot eggplants. It is not necessary to ram heavily, but you need to ensure that no air bubbles remain in the mass, immediately cover with lids and roll up.

Turn upside down, wrap with a warm blanket and allow time for natural cooling. Store the workpiece for the winter in a basement or other cool place.

In winter, it is good to add onions and herbs - guests will be delighted!

Eggplants marinated with "mushrooms" with garlic and herbs

There are several variations of this recipe. For example, eggplants marinated in garlic sauce with herbs.

Or pickled vegetables stuffed with garlic and herbs. Great recipe for a winter snack. It goes well with potato garnish, meat and fish dishes.


Take 1.5 kg of medium sized eggplant. Large ones will not work, they are difficult to stuff. Next add:

  1. 1 pod of bitter pepper.
  2. 1 head of garlic.
  3. 1 bunch of cilantro, celery and parsley.
  4. Salt to taste.

Marinade must be prepared from the following components:

  1. 1 liter of clean water.
  2. 3 pcs. laurel and clove buds.
  3. 2 allspice peas.
  4. 1.5 tbsp. table salt (not iodized).
  5. 1 tbsp. granulated sugar.

How to cook

Wash the vegetables and cut the stem off.

Take a sharp knife, make a cut in each eggplant, leaving 1 cm to the edge.

Boil vegetables in boiling water for no more than 10 minutes.

Important! Eggplant should not be overcooked, otherwise the dish will not match the recipe.

Place the eggplants in a colander, wait for the water to drain, then place the vegetables under a press. Time for push-ups - 3 hours. Better to leave the eggplants under pressure overnight.

Chop hot peppers finely, after removing the seeds.

Coarsely chop cilantro and parsley, washed under running water.

Chop the garlic, mix with herbs. Salt to taste, mix everything.

Boil celery in 1 liter of water for 2 minutes. Remove from the water, and leave the liquid to prepare the marinade.

Place a mixture of herbs and garlic in the eggplant cuts.

Tie the vegetables with celery stalks or white thread.

Prepare the marinade from the remaining 1 liter of water, selected spices, sugar and salt. When it boils, pour in the vinegar, boil for 2 minutes.

Place the stuffed eggplants in a saucepan, pour over the hot marinade, immediately cover with a lid. Soak the pickled eggplants like mushrooms in a saucepan for 5 days. Taste the workpiece. If ready, you can serve it for tasting.

For long-term storage, you need to do a little differently:

  1. Place the stuffed vegetables in sterile jars tightly enough.
  2. Pour marinade over.
  3. Place the jars for sterilization in a saucepan. Sterilize for half an hour.
  4. Roll up, wrap up, let cool. Store in a basement or refrigerator.


Eggplant pickled like mushrooms can be cooked very quickly. This dish will help out at the moment of arrival of unexpected guests, it will diversify the table well in winter. The low calorie content of the recipe allows people of any age category to use pickled eggplants.

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