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Pool Intex (Intex)

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Artificial reservoirs in the yard can successfully replace a pond or river. However, the arrangement of such a resting place is laborious and expensive. It is easier to install a pool during the summer season. Manufacturers offer a huge selection of inflatable, frame, collapsible and other hot tubs. Recently, Intex pools are in great demand, which are distinguished by mobility, ease of assembly, and attractive design.

Intex company and its range

Intex is one of the world leaders in the production of PVC items for outdoor activities. The latest technologies developed have made it possible to achieve high quality products while maintaining an affordable cost. Inflatable and frame pools Intech, after appearing on the domestic market, immediately gained popularity among summer residents, as well as owners of private houses.

The range of Intex is huge. The manufacturer offers unusual square, oval and other shaped pools. All fonts are divided into two groups: family and children's. Among ordinary summer residents, the classic round or rectangular Intex pool, covered with an awning on top, is more often in demand.

Dimensions and designation

The manufacturer tried to create a lineup that includes a wide variety of hot tubs, differing not only in shape, but also in size. The dimensions are indicated on the package. Depending on the shape of the bowl, a certain number of values ​​are displayed:

  • Intex fonts of rectangular and oval shape have three numbers in the marking, indicating the width, length, depth;
  • Round bowls of Intex have two numbers - diameter and height.

According to the specified dimensions, the buyer is guided by whether the hot tub will fit on the site.

Advice! Intex curved pools are beautiful, but a rectangular bowl takes up less space.

The most inconvenient shape for a small area is a round font. The pool covers a vast area. These models are better suited for installation in the garden, lawn and other places where there is a lot of free space.

Frame type hot tubs

Of particular interest for summer cottages is the frame-type Intex pool. The lineup includes a wide variety of bowls, differing in size and shape. The common structural element of all Intex fonts is the frame. The support base is made of a thin-walled metal tube coated with an anti-corrosion decorative layer. The frame of the font consists of support posts, as well as the upper edging of the side. The maximum assembly time is approximately 45 minutes. The frame of the Intex pool is designed to withstand the high water pressure of a full bowl and the weight of the swimming people.

There are different reviews about Intex frame pools, but most of all positive emotions are caused by the model of the font number 54946. Users note the convenient size of the bowl - 457x122 cm and the affordable cost. A round-shaped font is most often chosen for the country. The manufacturer Intex equipped the product with a filter with a paper cartridge for water purification, as well as a protective PVC lining under the bottom. A ladder with a length of 1.22 m is supplied with the bowl. The ladder is leaned against and fixed to the upper part of the side.

Attention! The frame pool assembly instructions are shown on the DVD.

For the manufacture of the bowl, a three-layer reinforced PVC material was used, produced using the Super-tough technology. The bright color of the Intex bowl does not fade under the sun, it is resistant to light mechanical stress, as well as abrasion.

Frame models Ultra

The line of Ultra frame pools differs from the budget Intex models in improved technical characteristics:

  • reinforcement of the metal frame of the font is made by using an oval-section pipe;
  • anti-corrosion coating of steel elements is made using a new technology by powder spraying;
  • in Ultra pools, fade-resistant paints are used;
  • the manufacturer completes Intex hot tubs with a sand filter.

Ultra Frame Pools models are preferred if the bowl is purchased for collective bathing.

Advice! Among Intex products, frame models No. 28350 and No. 28352 are in demand. Hot tubs are in demand by large families or for bathing in a large company.

Installation of a frame pool of the Intex brand does not take much time and consists of the following steps:

  • for the Intex pool, choose a free place with a flat relief and no trees;
  • the site is cleared of stones, branches and other solid objects that can pierce the bottom of the bowl;
  • assembling and installing the frame of the font;
  • fix the bowl.

After assembly, they begin to fill the frame pool with water by about 90%.

Advice! The dirty water from the pool can be used to water the garden.

Inflatable bowls Easy set

For summer fun on the water, the Intex easy set inflatable pool has been developed. The range of fonts for adults is available in round and oval shapes. Rectangular inflatable bowls will not withstand high water pressure. Pools are produced only in small sizes for children.

The advantage of Intex inflatable pools is affordable cost, compactness, mobility, quick installation on any flat area. The whole procedure of assembling the font will not take more than 30 minutes. The bowl has a conical shape and is made of a three-layer PVC cloth with a reinforced mesh. Only the upper bead ring is inflatable. Air injection is carried out by a pump. When the bowl is filled with water, the inflatable ring rises with the liquid level. The height of the Intex hot tub can be adjusted according to the amount of filling, as it rises with the ring.

Important! The inflatable ring must not be strongly forced with air. Better to pump it up weakly. In the heat, the air will expand, and the pumped ring will break the excess pressure.

On the video inflatable easy set:

Children's lineup

Pools for children from the manufacturer Intex are distinguished by unusual shapes, bright colors, and additional elements. In fact, this is a real game complex that can replace a trampoline. Easy set children's inflatable pools are available in different widths, lengths and depths, which allows you to choose the optimal model for the child's age. In a long bowl, the baby can even imitate swimming under the supervision of adults.

Most often, parents purchase Intex game complexes equipped with figures of animals, cartoon characters, slides, waterfalls, fountains, and inflatable trees. To install the Intex inflatable pool, you only need a pump.

It is problematic to drain water from large playgrounds every day. For easy cleaning, Intex offers vacuum cleaners. In addition, heaters are sold that allow you to heat water from electricity in cool weather.

Optional equipment

To care for the pool and ensure comfortable bathing, Intex offers additional equipment that helps to purify and heat the water:

  • Protects water from clogging Intex pool cover made of similar PVC material. The cover prevents dust, tree leaves and other debris from entering.
  • The Intex Pool Vacuum Cleaner can help clean the bottom of the large bowl, easily removing sand and dirt residues. To perform small amounts of work, buy manual or semi-automatic models. It is better to leave the cleaning of large pools to a robot.
  • If you intend to swim even in cold weather, buy an Intex pool heater, which allows you to warm the water to a comfortable temperature. The company offers traditional electrical models, heat exchangers and solar collectors.

Separately, it is worth considering the water purification system, without which not a single pool can function normally. The unit consists of a pump and a filter. The quality of water purification depends on the filler.

A membrane cartridge with a replaceable paper filter is suitable for small hot tubs. The system is capable of passing a small amount of water. The dirtier the liquid, the more often you will have to change the cartridge.

Sand filters are considered effective cleaners. The unit is capable of filtering large volumes of water for 2-3 years. After contamination, the filter media is replaced with new sand.


Reviews about the Intex pool are found on many forums. This indicates the popularity of the company's products and the demand for hot tubs.


Two years ago I bought a white Intex Ultra round pool. We advised a filter with a chlorine generator. I like it. In hot summer, the water never became cloudy. There was no musty odor or signs of algae. The filter turns on automatically and works for about 5 hours a day. It is difficult to clean the bottom without a vacuum cleaner. We'll have to buy it for the next season.

Anna Andreevna

We have a ten-cube frame pool Intex which has served for 9 years. Every autumn, the husband drains the water, disassembles it and hides it in the barn until spring. Winters are warm here. Last season we decided to leave the bowl outside. The water was drained, but in the pumping station, apparently, there was liquid left. The bowl wintered well, and the filter housing is cracked. Now my husband is trying to solder him for the new season. If all else fails, you will have to buy a new filter.

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