Smooth black truffle: description and photo

Smooth black truffle: description and photo

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Smooth black truffle is a conditionally edible species from the Truffle family, growing in coniferous and deciduous forests. This species can be found only in Italy, it does not grow in Russia. Begins fruiting from September to December.

What a smooth black truffle looks like

Tuberous fruit body, weighing up to 120 g, red-black or dark cream in color. The surface is covered with flat warty growths, which make the mushroom look smooth. The pulp is colored coffee, and darkens as it grows. The cut shows a marble pattern formed by internal and external veins, in which oblong spores are located.

Smooth truffle is a delicious and healthy mushroom

Where the smooth black truffle grows

Smooth black truffle grows underground in small families with up to 5 fruiting bodies. The mycelium is formed on the roots of coniferous and deciduous trees. Begins fruiting in early autumn.

Can I eat smooth black truffle

This forest dweller is a valuable and delicious mushroom, but some sources attribute it to the conditionally edible category. The pulp of the mushroom has a pleasant taste and aroma, thanks to which the species is used in cooking to improve the taste of meat and fish dishes.

Smooth black truffle is a useful forest dweller, as it contains: vitamins, protein, carbohydrates, pheromones, dietary fiber and antioxidants. 100 g of the product contains 24 kcal, so mushroom dishes are recommended to be consumed during the diet.

False doubles

The smooth black truffle, like any representative of the mushroom kingdom, has similar counterparts. These include:

  1. Summer is an edible species that grows on calcareous soil in deciduous forests. The mushroom can be recognized by its blue-black tuberous fruiting body and light brown flesh with a pronounced marble pattern. This species can be found in Russian forests from July to September. The taste of the pulp is sweetish-nutty, the smell is intense. In cooking, it is used fresh.

    Delicious, gourmet look, used fresh

  2. Winter is a valuable, delicious species. The tuber is up to 20 cm in diameter, covered with thyroid, diamond-shaped growths of red-violet or black color. In young specimens, the flesh is whitish; as it ripens, it becomes violet-gray and is covered with numerous light veins. This representative has a pleasant, strong aroma reminiscent of musk.

    The fruiting body has a nutty flavor and a pleasant aroma

  3. Perigord is the most exquisite and expensive truffle fork. A spherical mushroom is colored gray-black. Firm, but tender, dark flesh with a pronounced, light mesh pattern. The fruit body has a bright nutty aroma and slightly bitter taste. Grows in deciduous, less often coniferous forests, from December to March. Since its price is very high, and harvesting is difficult and does not always bring positive results, many gourmets grow truffles on their own.

    The most valuable and expensive species

Collection rules and use

Collecting truffles is not an easy job that does not always give the expected result. In order for the mushroom hunt to go well, you need to adhere to the collection rules:

  1. During growth, the fruiting body displaces neighboring plants and soil, therefore, when picking, mushroom pickers pay attention to bare areas around trees and mounds from the soil.
  2. The truffle attracts yellow insects that circle over the mycelium and lay larvae on the fruiting bodies.
  3. During growth, voids are formed around the fruiting body, so when mushroom hunting, you can use the method of tapping the ground. This option is often used by mushroom pickers with certain skills and a fine ear, since when tapped, the earth emits a thin, barely audible, sonorous sound.
  4. The most popular way is to help animals. Pigs and specially trained dogs are used for this.

Due to its beneficial properties, good taste and aroma, smooth black truffle is used in cooking, folk medicine and cosmetology.

Chefs add fresh mushroom to meat and fish dishes, salads and sauces. It is often served with cognac, fruits and nuts.

Smooth black truffle is widely used in medicine:

  • juice is used to treat eye diseases;
  • powder helps with compound diseases;
  • thanks to pheromones, mood improves and depressive syndrome passes;
  • due to the content of the vitamin, immunity increases.

Despite its high cost, it is also used in cosmetology. Cosmetic masks are made from fresh mushrooms. They smooth the skin, get rid of wrinkles, tighten the face contour, improve color and give the skin a youthful appearance. Despite the high cost, due to the positive effect, the procedures are popular.


Smooth black truffle is a delicious, healthy mushroom that grows in deciduous forests. The collection of fruit bodies is carried out only by experienced mushroom pickers, from September to December. Due to its good taste and smell, the mushroom perfectly complements meat and fish dishes, salads and sauces.

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