Far East cucumber 27

In recent years, the variety of varieties and hybrids of vegetables on offer has been dazzling. Many gardeners are in a hurry to try all the new products, and in this endless pursuit of the best, they sometimes forget the old and reliable varieties that are capable of producing good yields, require a minimum of care and have good characteristics.

Cucumbers have not spared this trend either. Despite the constant search for more perfect hybrids and varieties, some experienced gardeners still do not forget the old proven varieties, one of which is the Far Eastern cucumber 27. In those ancient times, when it was just born, the sample number was also added to the variety name , hence the number 27 appeared in the name of this cucumber. This practice has long been abandoned, although among the Far Eastern cucumbers there is another of its counterparts at number 6, which is now grown much less often.

Description and history of the variety

The antiquity of this cucumber variety is fascinating - it was obtained back in the 30s of the XX century at the Far Eastern Research Institute of Agriculture using the method of selection from the population of the Far Eastern local variety of folk selection.

And since 1941 they have been in the VIR collection. From the same population, at one time, such varieties of cucumbers were also created as:

  • Vanguard;
  • Far East 6;
  • Vladivostok 155.

In 1943, an application was filed for registration with the State Register of Breeding Achievements, and in 1950 the Far Eastern 27 cucumber variety was officially registered there. Until now, it is on the list of varieties approved for cultivation on the territory of Russia, primarily in the Far East region. The author of Far Eastern 27 cucumber is E.A. Gamayunov.

Today, the seeds of these cucumbers can be bought in the packaging of a wide variety of seed companies: Aelita, Gavrish, Sedek and others.

The Far East 27 variety belongs to the traditional bee-pollinated variety, so it is best to grow it on open ridges in the garden. When cultivated in greenhouses, cucumber bushes will need additional attraction of insects or the use of manual pollination.

Dalnevostochny 27 is an indeterminate vigorous cucumber variety with long-leaved and branched shoots. Leaves are medium in size, their color can vary from dark green to green. Plant foliage is below average, which improves illumination and makes picking cucumbers easier. The flowering type is mixed, which means the likelihood of the appearance of female and male flowers in the same proportion.

In terms of ripening, the Far Eastern 27 variety can be attributed to mid-season cucumbers. Fruiting begins approximately 40-55 days after germination.

Attention! Rarely a variety of cucumbers from the modern assortment is distinguished by such unpretentiousness to growing conditions and the length of the fruiting period.

It is difficult to imagine the conditions under which you can not get a harvest from the Far East 27 variety. Since the plants of this cucumber are distinguished by their resistance to a lack of moisture, and even to slight night frosts.

Fruiting with regular watering and feeding can continue until the very first frosts and snows. There are no official data on the yield of this variety, but, apparently, its indicators are at an average level.

According to some reports, the Dalnevostochny 27 variety is also resistant to downy mildew and powdery mildew.

Fruit characteristics

Cucumbers of the described variety are characterized by the usual elongated elliptical shape. In length, zelents reach 11-15 cm, while the weight of one cucumber averages 100-200 grams.

The skin of cucumbers is of medium thickness, green in color with longitudinal light stripes and a slight waxy bloom. The fruits of the Far Eastern 27 cucumber are evenly covered with rather large tubercles. Zelentsy are characterized by black spines and sparse pubescence.

Far Eastern cucumbers are distinguished by their high taste and are perfect both for fresh consumption and for pickling, pickling and other winter preparations.

Attention! Freshly picked cucumbers do not lose their marketability and taste within two days.

Advantages and disadvantages

Far East 27 cucumber has been popular among gardeners for many decades. Cucumbers of this variety have the following list of indisputable advantages:

  • Resistant to stressful growing conditions;
  • Are able to bear fruit for a long period;
  • They are characterized by excellent fruit quality and are famous for their versatility;
  • Known for cheap and affordable seeds.

Of course, this variety of cucumbers also has a number of disadvantages:

  • Cucumber flowers have a significant number of barren flowers, due to which the yield cannot reach maximum indicators.
  • If the fruits are not picked regularly, they quickly outgrow and turn brown. True, in fairness, it should be noted that the taste of yellowed cucumbers does not change for the worse.
  • Hollow fruits are sometimes found among the fruits.
  • With insufficient watering, cucumbers can taste bitter.

Growing features

Cucumbers of the Far Eastern 27 variety are distinguished by their great unpretentiousness in cultivation, therefore, initially originating in the Far East, they triumphantly passed through our entire immense country. Today, these cucumbers are grown everywhere from the Moscow region to the Urals, Siberia and the southernmost regions. Cucumbers of this variety are especially popular among residents of areas with so-called risky farming. Since these cucumbers tolerate all kinds of weather conditions well and therefore can easily be grown even in open ground, for example, in the Novgorod or Kostroma regions.

To accelerate ripening, many gardeners prefer to use the seedling method of growing cucumbers. In this case, approximately 27-28 days before the possible date of planting on the beds, Far Eastern cucumber seeds are sown one or two pieces in separate pots to a depth of 1.5-2 cm and germinated at home or greenhouse conditions at a temperature of about + 27 ° C ...

Advice! To grow good seedlings of cucumbers, the soil must have a high content of nutrients (humus) and have good breathability.

After sprouting the sprouts, the temperature is reduced to + 21 ° - + 23 ° C and, if necessary, supplemented with light so that the seedlings do not stretch out.

When planting seedlings of Far Eastern 27 cucumbers on the beds, it is necessary to immediately provide for them trellises for garter and plant formation. Although if you plant this variety on the hills, then you can grow them on a horizontal plane - in the spread. In this case, 4-5 cucumber plants are placed on one square meter.

With the vertical method of growing, cucumber plants are formed in a standard way - the lower four nodes are freed from leaves and inflorescences, and then the main stem and shoots of the first order are pinched. While the second-order shoots are given relative freedom of growth.

When growing cucumbers of any kind, regular watering and feeding is the most important thing to care for. Watering should be carried out at least once every two to three days. About once every 10-12 days, watering can be combined with top dressing by adding 1 liter of manure and wood ash solution to 10 liters of water.

Reviews of gardeners

Since gardeners have been growing the Far Eastern 27 cucumber variety for many decades, more than enough reviews have accumulated on it. And all of them are more or less positive.

Natalia, 29 years old, Chelyabinsk

It is not the first year that I have been buying and growing Far Eastern 27 cucumber. He especially attracts me because he is not afraid of night frosts, or changes in soil and air humidity. A very unpretentious variety. In general, I don't see any minuses in it. From one bush, only the first harvest is about 15 zelents. At the same time, I did not have a greenhouse on the site at all until last year - and the cucumbers grew beautifully in the garden on the most ordinary garden bed. I didn't even tie them up, they ripened almost on the ground - I only slightly mulched the beds with straw. In the beginning, I still grew them using seedlings in order to get the first cucumbers early. And then she began to sow seeds directly into the ground, because the seeds germinate very quickly, and the plants develop at a fantastic pace. We have time to eat plenty of them in salads and add salt and pickle for the winter. And, most importantly, the seeds of the Far East are simply penny, especially compared to modern hybrids. I bought a packet of seeds of these cucumbers for 4-5 rubles.

Elena, 35 years old, Belgorod

This year the spring was early and warm, and in April, having bought different seeds, I started planting them. Among the cucumbers, I was amazed by their 100% germination and vigorous appearance at the earliest stage of development, the seeds of the Far East 27 variety. These are bee-pollinated cucumbers that are suitable both for greenhouses and for ordinary beds in the garden. Only in greenhouses, they probably need to somehow additionally pollinate or attract bees to them. I sowed them right in the garden. We already have poles for trellises, but we did not manage to finish them to the end, so this season cucumbers grew on the ground. It turned out that they tolerate well both excess watering and its lack. The cucumbers tasted very good, however, if I forgot to pick them in time, then they turned yellow and outgrew. But this did not change their taste and they were still very suitable for salads.

Tatyana, 37 years old, Tver region

I buy seeds of cucumbers of the Far Eastern 27 variety for planting almost every year and I am always happy with them. This is my most reliable cucumber variety. If suddenly the summer turns out to be cold, or, conversely, hot and dry, I know that they will definitely not let me down - they will not leave me without a harvest. And they completely suit me for the taste. I make an amazing salting out of them for the winter - they remain dense, crunchy and have never exploded until now.


Cucumber Far East 27, despite its considerable age, deserves to plant it on its site, because even in the most unfavorable conditions it will never let you down. And you will always have a good harvest of delicious, versatile cucumbers.

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