Cucumber Lutoyar F1: growing technology, yield

Cucumbers Lyutoyar is an unpretentious and productive variety that brings an early harvest. The variety was bred by Turkish breeders. Its fruits are versatile, suitable for inclusion in the daily diet and home preservation.

Variety characteristics

Description of cucumber Lutoyar F1:

  • ultra early variety;
  • high productivity;
  • disease resistance;
  • ripening period 35 days;
  • self-pollination ability;
  • medium-branchy plant;
  • dark green leaves;
  • 2-3 ovaries are formed in the leaf sinus;
  • each cucumber bush bears up to 20 fruits;
  • extended fruiting;
  • suitable for autumn and spring planting.

Characteristics of the fruits of the Lutoyar variety:

  • gherkin type;
  • large lumpy surface;
  • dark green color;
  • cucumber length 10-12 cm;
  • weight 100 g;
  • the presence of white spiny thorns.

The fruits tolerate transportation and are subject to long-term storage. Cucumbers Lutoyar are suitable for fresh consumption, making snacks, salads and other dishes. The variety is used for canning, including with various vegetables.

Growing cucumbers

Lutoyar cucumbers are grown in seedlings. At home, seeds are planted, and certain conditions are provided for the emerging sprouts. Before transferring the plants to a permanent place, fertilize the soil and prepare planting holes. The Lutoyar variety is suitable for planting in a greenhouse or in an open area.

Planting seeds

For seedlings, cucumber Lutoyar is planted in March-April. Seeds remain viable for 10 years, however, to obtain a good harvest, it is recommended to use planting material no older than 3-4 years.

The seeds of the Lyutoyar variety are placed in a solution of potassium permanganate or Fitosporin for 2-3 hours. Disinfection of the planting material will avoid diseases and ensure the formation of healthy seedlings of cucumbers.

Then plant seeds are placed in a damp cloth and kept for 2 days at a temperature of 20 ° C. The next step is to place the seeds in the refrigerator for 2 days. Such preparation by changing the temperature regime stimulates the germination of cucumber seeds.

Important! Seedlings of cucumbers are grown in light fertile soil or cups made of peat and humus.

Seedling substrate is obtained by combining humus, peat, sawdust in a ratio of 2: 2: 1. The soil mixture is filled into boxes or separate containers. By using small cups, plant picking can be avoided.

The seeds of the Lyutoyar variety are placed in a moistened soil with a step of 2 cm. A layer of peat or soil is poured on top. The plantings of cucumbers are covered with paper and kept at a temperature of 22-28 ° C.

Seedling conditions

After the appearance of cucumber sprouts, the containers are transferred to a lighted place. The development of seedlings occurs when certain conditions are met:

  • daytime temperature from 20 to 22 ° С;
  • temperature regime at night not lower than 15 ° С;
  • lighting for 12-14 hours;
  • fresh air intake;
  • regular soil moistening.

Cucumbers of the Lutoyar variety are provided with continuous illumination if the daylight hours are not yet long enough. Phytolamps or fluorescent lighting devices are installed above the seedlings. They are turned on in the morning or evening to avoid stretching the plants.

When the second planting leaf appears in Lutoyar cucumbers, they are watered with a solution of nitroammophoska. For 1 liter of water add 1 tbsp. l. fertilizers. Nitroammofoska contains nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, which ensure the development of plants.

Plantings are watered with warm water when the soil begins to dry out. As the cucumbers grow, you can add some soil to the container. Seedlings dive when plants develop 2-3 leaves. Cucumbers react negatively to transplanting, so it is better to avoid it and use separate containers for planting.

A week before planting, Lutoyar cucumbers are taken out to a loggia or balcony, where they are kept for several hours. The period of being in the fresh air is gradually increased. This will allow the plants to quickly adapt to natural conditions.

Landing in the ground

Cucumbers are transferred to a permanent place after the establishment of warm weather. The plants should have 3-4 leaves. Usually, the transplantation of cucumbers takes place in May.

The culture is grown in a well-lit area or in partial shade. When landing in open areas, a support is installed in the form of metal arcs, trellises or mesh.

Cucumbers prefer fertile, drained soils with low nitrogen concentrations. Sour soil must be lime. The culture grows well on peat soils with the addition of sawdust.

Attention! The best precursors for cucumbers are tomatoes, cabbage, and onions. Planting after watermelon, pumpkin, melon and zucchini is not recommended.

Cucumbers Lutoyar are placed on the beds with a pitch of 60 cm. Compost or humus is added to the planting hole, which is covered with fertile soil. Plants are lowered into holes, their roots are covered with earth. The last step is abundant watering of the plantings.

Cucumber care

According to reviews, cucumbers Lutoyar F1 give a high yield with regular care. The plant is watered and fed, and the soil is periodically loosened and weeded from weeds. To combat diseases and pests, folk remedies or special preparations are used.


The intensity of watering for Lutoyar cucumbers depends on the stage of their development. Young plants especially need moisture. Before flowering, plantings are watered weekly using 4 liters of water per 1 sq. m. During the flowering period, add up to 12 liters of water.

The water is preliminarily defended, only warm moisture is used for irrigation. Cucumbers are watered at the root, no drops should remain on the leaves and stems. To prevent water jets from washing away the soil, it is best to use a spray nozzle.

The soil under the cucumbers is mulched with peat or straw. Mulch provides long-term preservation of moisture in the soil. Its deficiency leads to the appearance of a bitter taste in vegetables. Excess moisture provokes the development of fungal diseases in plants, therefore, watering must be normalized.

Top dressing

During the season, Lutoyar cucumbers are fed 5-6 times. You can use both minerals and organic fertilizers. The first treatment is carried out at the beginning of flowering, the subsequent ones - with an interval of 3 weeks.

Options for feeding cucumbers:

  • a solution of chicken manure or mullein in a ratio of 1:15;
  • 1 tbsp. superphosphate, urea and potassium sulfate per 10 liters of water;
  • infusion of wood ash containing 200 g per bucket of water.

At the beginning of the growing season of cucumbers, nitrogen fertilizers are applied. Subsequently, the concentration of phosphorus and potassium is increased. It is best to alternate organic and mineral supplements.

The solution is applied strictly under the root of the plants. In cool weather, feeding is not recommended, since cucumbers absorb nutrients more slowly.

Diseases and pests

In accordance with the description, Lyutoyar cucumbers are characterized by resistance to the main diseases of this culture. Diseases develop with high humidity, violation of the irrigation regime or agricultural technology. For the prevention of diseases, plants are treated with fungicides, moisture and fertilizers are introduced in a timely manner.

In greenhouse conditions, Lutoyar cucumbers rarely get sick, but they are more susceptible to pest attacks. Landings attract aphids, spider mites, and ants. To combat insects, chemicals or folk remedies are used.

For preventive purposes, cucumbers are treated with an infusion of onion peel or garlic. Plants are also dusted with tobacco dust or wood ash.

Gardeners reviews

Marina, 32 years old, Krasnodar

Every year I grow cucumbers, including for sale. Last year, according to reviews, I chose the cucumber Lyutoyar. A variety of Turkish selection, has an average ripening period. 2-3 ovaries are formed on the bushes, ripening occurs gradually. Even in a drought, the fruits do not wither and retain their shape. In terms of yield, Lyutoyar loses to other varieties, which is compensated by the high quality of the fruits.

Semyon, 68 years old, Moscow region

I learned about the variety of cucumbers Lutoyar from the reviews of neighbors. I got the seeds from the nearest gardening store and started planting. Be sure to soak the seeds in a growth stimulator, then plant them immediately in the greenhouse. The plant forms long lashes, the ovaries appear together. The fruits themselves are dense, 12-15 cm long, the pulp is juicy and tasty.

Love, 55 years old, Samara

Acquired cucumbers Lutoyar F1 according to numerous reviews. I plant cucumber seedlings in open ground. At first, I keep the plants under a plastic balloon to create a good microclimate. The Lutoyar variety showed good productivity and did not get sick. The cucumbers are smooth and beautiful, with thorny thorns. If not removed for a long time, they continue to grow in length. Suitable for making salads and homemade preparations.


Cucumbers Lutoyar are suitable for growing in an open area, under a film or glazed shelter. Plants are grown in seedlings. The soil and seeds are preliminarily prepared for planting. Cucumbers are provided with regular watering, top dressing, loosened and mulched soil.

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