Making an original do-it-yourself bird feeder

Making an original do-it-yourself bird feeder

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It’s hard for birds to find food in winter, but everyone can help the birds and do the feeder with their own hands. Before you make a bird feeder with your own hands, you need to find out some design features. Only a properly designed structure will be popular with birds, and they will not starve in the winter.

For the feeder, you can use a variety of materials, and it can be simple improvised means.

Design features

Before you begin building, you need to consider its design.

Design Features:

  1. The main rule in the design should be safety. Only a safe design will allow the birds to benefit, not harm. Birds should be free to feed.
  2. Convenience. This feature allows you to make a dining room comfortable for birds.
  3. Materials for the manufacture should be selected only high quality. For example, if you use cardboard, it will quickly become wet or moldy, which in turn will lead to the fact that the feed will be spoiled. And spoiled food will lead to the death of birds.
  4. The design should be designed for a specific type of bird. Small birds need to arrange a house that will not be available for larger birds. Small species of birds need to perform small structures with fairly small holes, then large species will not take food from them.

It is also important to consider that birds remember the locations of dining rooms and can fly from very large distances, so it’s worthwhile to be responsible when choosing a place and regularly feed the food.

When the features are known, you can begin to manufacture drawings. A well-designed drawing will avoid many mistakes and save on materials. A drawing of the correct dining room can be found on the Internet pages.

Making a feeder

Necessary materials

If you decide to make a dining room, the design is selected, then you can think about the materials used. The most durable and safe wooden feeders - it is not for nothing that birdhouses are made of wood.

But for the manufacture of feeders, you can use other materials at hand. Canteens made from plastic bottles are easy to make.

But it is worth remembering that do-it-yourself feeders from plastic bottles can be toxic and short-lived.

Bottle feeder.

For the manufacture of such a structure, it is necessary to prepare a plastic container with a capacity of 5 liters with a lid, scissors and electrical tape. On the sides of the bottle you need to cut windows. When the holes are ready, you need to secure sharp sections and glue them with electrical tape.

The feeder is ready! It remains only to tie the thread to the lid to secure the structure to the tree. In just a few minutes, an original lightweight and comfortable design is obtained.

The advantages of wood products

Plastic collapses quite quickly, so you should pay attention to a more durable material - wood. Such a design takes a little longer and requires some effort, but a bird feeder made of wood with its own hands has its own advantages:

  1. The product is durable, but at the same time light.
  2. The tree is easy to process and fasten among themselves.
  3. Security. Such a feeder will not emit toxic substances and will be safe for both birds and the environment.

The simplest home-made design consists of a bottom, four racks and a roof. The roof is necessary so that rain, snow and wind do not fall on the feed. It is the roof that will help protect the food, and it will remain fresh for a long time, which means that the tits will eat it without a trace.

Making plywood feeders.

For building homemade feeding trough you need to stock up on a small piece of plywood, the amount of material depends on the size of the final product. On plywood, blanks are first drawn and then carefully cut. Carving is the most time-consuming part of the construction. Workpieces can be cut with a jigsaw or a hand saw.

The next step will be grinding all the parts with sandpaper. This process must be performed quite carefully, because the safety of the entire structure depends on the safety of the parts.

Now you need to determine the type of mounting parts. You can fasten parts with nails or glue. Each method has its pros and cons. Nailing will create a more secure mount, but there is a risk of injury. With this fastening, you must be careful and inspect the entire structure for the presence of the tips of the nails. If there are any, then the birds can get hurt about them. If the clove comes out from the back, then it is cut off or bent.

When bonding parts with glue, it must be remembered that on the one hand this method is simpler, because you do not need to wield a hammer and nails. But it is worthwhile to understand that from constant exposure to moisture the glue can break down and the structure will fall apart. And it is worth remembering that some types of glue are toxic and can harm the tits.

When the parts are fastened together and the feeder is built, you can paint the building with resistant paints.

it fun lesson can be entrusted to children. In general, you can build a beautiful original bird feeder with your children and spend a fun winter evening. This lesson teaches children to love nature and take care of its inhabitants.

For this feeder you need to buy a fiberboard sheet.

  • Cut the bottom of the square shape and glue the glazing beads around the perimeter. There are four side walls: two identical squares - the right and left parts, the front and rear blank must have an acute angle from above, so that you can then fix the roof.
  • On the front wall, do not forget to cut a hole through which the birds will enter the house.
  • The roof is two identical parts with wavy edges. All blanks from fiberboard are assembled using self-tapping screws.

To make the feeder look more interesting, paint it red and draw large circles.

To make such a house you need to use natural wood.

  • Prepare the bottom of the product - a rectangle measuring 18x24 cm. Attach along the perimeter of the side so that the feed does not spill out of the feeder.
  • Fix the four uprights, and on them fasten the roof of the semicircular rails.
  • To prevent the material from getting wet in the rain and snow, varnish the surface of the wood.

Decoration of the finished product will be artificial leaflets of different colors.

To make such a feeder, you need to collect more branches of different diameters.

  • The bottom of the hut is a blank of square hardboard. In its center, fasten the longest and thickest branch. In the corners, place the branches thinner and shorter. They can be decorated with linen thread.
  • The roof is the shortest and thinnest branches of birch and arborvitae, connected in the center and fixed on the highest stick.
  • At the bottom of the hut, glue the bottoms of the plastic bottles, in them you will pour bird food. Since the diet is different for everyone, so that treats are not confused.

You can decorate the feeder with fir branches and chestnuts.

For such a feeder you need to use a flexible, but durable metal. This piece remained from the installation of the fence. It needs to be bent into a semicircle and fixed on a quadrant wooden base. You can use the package cover painted in white.

As a decor, fabric leaves and a golden ribbon were used.

A funny feeding trough comes out if you apply maximum effort and imagination to its manufacture.

  • The bottom of the product is the top of the old stool. Three vertical posts - thick sections of tree branches. A roof is mounted on them, decorated with a dense fabric.
  • At the bottom of the feeder, an openwork fence is formed from thin branches. There is a middle high table for feed. A nest is made on the side so that the birds feel at home.

Such a feeder will bring not only practical benefits, but also aesthetic pleasure.

The simplest feeders and drinking bowls

Plastic products are considered the simplest, since for their production you will not need to spend any money or apply special knowledge in the carpentry or engineering. It is enough to find a plastic bottle or a bottle, cut a hole in it and hang it on a tree by the handle of a bottle or a piece of wire. Everything - the product is ready, it remains only to periodically add inside the food so that the birds eat every day and plenty.

From cardboard

Similar products will now pop up in the memory of every second of our readers, because once upon a time, back in school days, we made such houses with grandparents or at labor lessons, where they cut and glued cardboard, creating a special box out of it. You will need only a couple of sheets of sturdy cardboard, scissors, glue, a needle and a thick thread to make a suspension.

From plywood

These are more serious products, for the creation of which you will need both special knowledge and some tools. But such a home-made feeder will be more durable and will last for several years, which means that you do not have to think about a new design every time.

The plywood feeder is made from marked and cut pieces of material, but always using a wooden beam. All parts can be connected with glue, nails, screws.

From wood

They are considered capital goods that can last even decades (of course, with stable care for them). These are strong, reliable and sufficiently durable products that will become a real “dining room", which you will be very pleased to watch!

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