How to choose a grape variety: the main differences and features

How to choose a grape variety: the main differences and features

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Many people like grapes because it is juicy, sweet, refreshing. This is not to say that it contains many vitamins, but it is very tasty. Today we will tell you about what kind of grape varieties do happen, how they differ, as well as some other features.


This grape is both white and black (blue-black). It is distinguished by the absence of seeds, the small size of berries, juicy and elastic flesh, rich sweet taste with a slight acidity. The peel of a raisin can be either thin or thick. Imported white raisins are often thick-skinned, and because of this, it is stored for a long time.

Lady fingers

White grapes are white (greenish with white bloom), has elongated long berries of large size. The flesh of this grape variety is quite dense, has a sweet and sour flavor, sometimes fresh. This grape variety is sweet.

Typhi (Toifi, Typhoon)

Has large spherical berries of a reddish pink or yellowish color. Tayfi's taste is sweet and sour, saturated. Typhi's pulp is fleshy, dense. This variety is on sale in the fall.

Red glob

Variety of imported grapes. Red Glob is brought to Russia from warm countries, for example, South Africa, Argentina. This grape is on sale almost all year round, but is expensive. Red Globe berries are red, large, with a hard peel and dense pulp. The taste is sweet, but at the same time fresh. He also has quite large bones. The main advantage of Red Globe is the storage duration.


It is an analogue of Red Globa. This is a rather large and laid red grape with a dense peel and pulp, large bones and at the same time not quite full of taste. This flavor is also very weak, a little nutmeg.


Also an imported variety. It is brought from South Africa, Chile and other countries. It has large and medium sized purple berries. This variety has a dense skin, a sweet tart taste, and has good keeping quality.

There is no seed in this variety. But it is quite expensive and is quite rare for sale.


Also an imported variety. It is delivered from Brazil, Italy, Turkey. The berries of this grape are large, have a yellowish-greenish color. Thompson grapes have no seeds. His taste is sweet; the skin is quite thick. On sale this variety is also very rare.


Blue-black grape with a sour taste and pits. The berries of this grape variety are of medium size, their flesh is somewhat loose. This variety is an amateur, it is very sour. Of its advantages can only be called a low price.


Largely similar to Isabella. Usually black grapes with seeds - this is either Isabella or Lydia.


White grapes with round small (less often medium) berries. The color of this grape is yellowish green. It tastes sweet and sour and pleasant. Its pulp is tender, and the skin is quite thin. But there are bones.

Overview of popular grape varieties

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