Proper care and storage of the tool in the country

Proper care and storage of the tool in the country

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Proper storage of tools and garden tools in the country is the key to its durability. Today we are learning to properly store equipment in the summer and winter, so that we do not have to buy new shovels, garden shears, rakes and so on every year.

Few of us keep inventory properly. We come to the cottage, plant or weed plants, apply fertilizers and, just several times tapping a stone with a shovel, a threshold or another shovel, put it in the barn. The same thing happens with choppers, pitchforks, rakes and even the tool with which we work in the garden. On the metal there is land, on plastic and metal handles - pieces of plants, sometimes the skin of twigs and other garbage, and grass and weeds are stuffed between the handle and the tool itself. All this gives only a negative result, because over time, the inventory deteriorates from dirt and excess moisture, and we have to spend money on a new one. But if we do everything right, we can significantly extend the service of garden tools.

Gardening Equipment

To increase the life of tools for the garden, we must carefully look after him every day when we use him for his intended purpose. First of all, it is worthwhile to thoroughly clean the tool from dirt and dust, manure and greens, dry it on the street and only then leave it to be stored in a dry and dark place. It is also advisable to lubricate the inventory so that corrosion does not “eat” in the metal parts of the hole. You can do this with solid oil, lithol, machine oil or special formulations, which can be purchased in relevant stores today.

Where to store the tool in the country

As we already know, gardening tools require special storage conditions. We need a place dry and dark. Firstly, so that humidity does not cause corrosion and fungus, and secondly, that sunlight and high temperature do not overdry the wooden parts of the tool.

Most often, shovels, forks, secateurs, rakes and other accessories are determined in any barn where there is free space, but you should understand that simply removing the tool from the sight and out of the lock is not entirely correct. It is necessary to keep the tool clean and lubricated, but not just to store it in a barn or garage, but also in a special container, a wooden box, a storage compartment equipped for storage, where the necessary conditions are met.

Storage of garden equipment in winter

At the end of the summer season, we should think about how and where to store equipment in the winter.

  • All tools and equipment that you worked in the garden, kitchen garden, on the adjacent plot, and so on, must be well cleaned of dirt and plant debris, washed and dried or wiped. In addition, it is very important to leave the tool for a couple of hours in the sun so that the maximum moisture comes out of a variety of joints and crevices.
  • After that, you should grease all the accessories and put them in their places in the barn, garage or other specially designated place.
  • Garden shears and a variety of secateurs must be carefully lubricated and stored closed, laid in special covers.
  • Hacksaws and saws are also cleaned and folded into special covers, but if they are not available, the teeth can be covered with a garden hose along which one cut is made along, and you can store such a tool even in the sleeve of an old jacket or overalls.
  • Wooden handles and cuttings from a wide variety of tools are cleaned, sanded and varnished for longer storage.
  • The entire tool is installed strictly vertically in a specially designated place, or is suspended on a wall where it does not lock from the floor, and will always be aired by draft.

Electric and gas tool storage

We will not mislead you, and tell in general terms how to store motoblocks, chainsaws, cultivators and other tools, since this will not be entirely correct, because each tool should be stored strictly according to individual instructions. For example, for some tool it is advisable to drain the fuel from the system or turn off the tank, drain the oil and only lubricate the system with a new one in spring. For another tool, such requirements are incorrect, since some parts must constantly be in contact with grease, and so on. In general, we are ready to tell you only one thing, which should become a memo - it is necessary to store electric and gasoline tools in the country according to the instructions, in a garage or a shed, in a dry and ventilated room, which is designated as a serious lock.

Country equipment in the spring

With the onset of heat, you will not have any problems with the equipment that has been cleaned and prepared. The only thing is that the joints in the places of fastening of metal parts with wooden ones may slightly weaken, since the tree can dry out during the winter period. To eliminate this problem, so that choppers and shovels do not stagger on the cuttings during operation and do not cause any inconvenience, you can put country equipment in the water for a day or two. After that, it will only be necessary to dry the metal parts and lubricate them again from corrosion.

In the water, the wooden parts of the inventory will swell a little and any shat and backlashes in the instrument will disappear. The same can be done with axes and hammers that fly off the handle.

How to store a tool in the country

Storage of country equipment - A serious matter, and do not treat it with mockery or some coolness, because a high-quality and practical tool for many years is both constant help in work and elimination of unnecessary waste.

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