Visor above the porch of the house: a variety of models and DIY manufacturing

Visor above the porch of the house: a variety of models and DIY manufacturing

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The visor above the porch is necessary for protection from the weather, as well as for the design of the entrance to the house. How to choose the best option, meeting these requirements, we will tell you right now.

Visor above the porch - A design classic of almost any building, because it not only protects the threshold, porch and doors from rain and snow, but also helps us to qualitatively arrange the entrance to the house, in accordance with the requirements of the design and style that we selected earlier.

Construction design

At the moment, it’s not difficult to buy or make such a design with your own hands, because there are both ready-made options and materials for their manufacture on the market. It is very important to build on not only your own requirements, but also indicators of practicality and durability. But considerable importance in the choice of option is design.

The design of the visor determines the appearance and beauty that we always try to produce by making repairs or light decor of the building. This is very necessary, because in the modern world ugly things are not perceived, even if their practicality and reliability are off scale.

So that we have everything in order with the design and external indicators, we should focus on the material, which will be combined not only with the exterior of the house, but also with its roof. In addition, it is necessary to choose the right color and shade, or qualitative contrast, the shape of the visor and size, the direction of the drain and the general decor, combined not only with the house, but also with the porch over which we install the visor. Therefore, you should prepare an action plan and a list of points that you will focus on your choice in advance. Thus, it will be much easier to choose a design, and you will save enough time.

Variety of options

Most often, such designs are made to order. Naturally, it’s much easier to pay for goods made according to certain criteria and for installation than to do it yourself or spend hours in the household markets and workshops in search of the right option. But, to place an order, you should know from what materials you can assemble a high-quality design according to your requirements.

So, the most popular options today.

Polycarbonate visor

Indeed, the most popular option, which hit the best trading shelves thanks to multiple advantages. High-quality, practical, strong, reliable and durable polycarbonate is also distinguished by its striking external indicators, as it is easily combined with any design basis and can fit any design due to the variety of colors. Of course, the material is a little more expensive than some on the market, but if you have been friends with for a long time, you understand perfectly how easy and pleasant it is to work with polycarbonate.

A certain plus is that if you do not have a desire to consider finished products, you can always simply purchase the necessary amount of polycarbonate, make a frame and independently build a visor for the porch of the house, temporary buildings, summer kitchens and so on.

Metal visor

A simpler and cheaper option, but working with it today is a little more difficult than with polycarbonate, since it is advisable to use a welding machine to build such a visor, and not everyone has one, and experience with it. But welding is not a problem, it can always be circumvented by choosing standard mechanical connections of the necessary parts of the structure with bolts and nuts.

It is very good that it is possible to make a visor out of metal with your own hands, but do not really like that this design will have few advantages. Naturally, the metal is reliable and durable, but only it will be difficult to take care of it, protect it from corrosion and other influences.

Of course, you can notice the general thing that exists between the visors made of polycarbonate and metal - this is the base, which is also made of metal. How so, because care will be necessary in both versions? Yes, this is true, but the main part of the product will be much smaller, since the material is very light, and the frame in the overall design can occupy a share of, say, 20-30%. If we consider a metal visor, then this is 100% metal ... here's the answer.

Model from corrugated board

Recently, corrugated board has also reached a leading position in sales for the production of roofing and fences, but it is not always as good as some masters say about it. Most of all, we do not like the fact that it is mechanically weak, and any blow can be noticeable on the surface. Of course, you can always choose a thicker and better quality corrugated board, but you do not arrange a race here, but consider options that are acceptable in quality and price at the same time.

In general, it's up to you. At the same time, we do not say that corrugated board is bad, it just is not as practical as many other materials, although it is easier to work with it than, for example, with metal or metal tile.

Plastic visors

Unfortunately, we will disappoint you, as this is not a cheap plastic that can be used in interior decoration, where it is almost the most affordable option for cost. Such plastic will not work on the roof, that's for sure. But special PVC plates - fit perfectly. Of course, they are similar to polycarbonate, but that's not it.

Plastic can be installed on any frame, glued with a film in color or already be acquired in the color that is necessary in the design. This material is reliable and durable, and most importantly, it is uniquely light in weight, so you can mount it on absolutely any foundation.

Metal tile structure

A heavy, high-quality and very nice visor, if, of course, fits into the theme. The product must be uniform with the roof, that is, the difference with the other type of roof will be too noticeable.

It is advisable to carry out the construction at the same time as covering the house or the building where you install the visor, it will work much easier, since the base for the construction can be made of residual materials, and the visor will be practically free.

Also, for the manufacture of the product, we recommend using not only metal tiles, which, despite their qualities, are a very heavy element, but, for example, bituminous tiles or other roofs of a similar type, simple, pretty and lightweight.

Forged visor

Naturally, one of the best, at least from the design side, is a forged product. This is a rich and worthy decoration of any home, but, unfortunately, not every one of us can arrange it for finances.

If you decide on an expensive purchase, then it will be very important for you to know that the forged visor is a really high-quality and durable product that can be decorated in a combined version, for example, with cellular polycarbonate, plastic or the same tile. But no less important here is a quality installation, because the forging structure is often quite heavy.

Speaking of design, one can only admire, for the forging fits almost any style, can be moderately rough, and maybe “delicate”, decorative. The similar option in combination with other products from forging on the seasonal dacha will look most interesting.

Wood canopy

This option is only a wooden base of the structure, because you still have to cover it with special material. This can be waterproofing with roofing material and slate, covering the finished frame with polycarbonate, sheet metal, plastic sheet, corrugated board and other options.

In terms of design, the wooden model is most suitable for houses of the old type, for example, for restored huts, or for modern houses made of log houses, where the combination of design with building materials will be truly ideal.

How to make a visor above the porch yourself

There is nothing complicated here, the main thing is to follow the list of requirements and the plan, which must be drawn up before starting work.

  • First of all, you need a drawing in which all dimensions will be affixed.
  • Further, a small project and estimate, where the drawing and counting the number of materials are entered, as well as a clear list of them.
  • The next point is the manufacture of the visor itself, which should begin with the frame. It is very important to determine the total weight of the structure and the ability of the wall to withstand it, on which the fastening of the finished product will directly depend.
  • Further, only the great pleasure of making another cottage decoration with your own hands, which will also become a practical protection for the porch of the cottage.

Naturally, it is very important to immediately determine the straight or angular visor you need, the slope angle and overall dimensions, production materials and their combination, design and further decor of the product, but this is all at your own discretion and in accordance with the requirements.

Peak for a porch of the country house (video)

Order manufacturing a visor for the porch of the house or build it yourself - your choice. The main thing is to choose the materials of production and the method of installation of the product in advance. We recommend that you learn how to sheathe the porch with insulation.

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