Garden gazebo with barbecue in the country

Garden gazebo with barbecue in the country

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For many, a country house is a place of rest from the rapid city life, when you just want to enjoy the soft sounds of nature, enjoy a leisurely conversation with friends. Therefore, the organization of recreation areas is of paramount importance and excellent options for this will be the construction of a gazebo with a barbecue, which, in addition to practical use, will also adorn the site wonderfully.

Options for gazebos with barbecue

Garden gazebos with barbecue are usually referred to as small architectural forms, their varieties may differ in configurations depending on the availability and various combinations of elements such as barbecue, stove, oven, fireplace, smokehouse, cauldron, skewer. A specific combination is selected for an individual taste, although the most common variety is a stationary gazebo, inside which a furnace is built.

The oven for a barbecue gazebo has a large number of functions and additional features. But both a portable barbecue and a portable gas grill are often used in barbecue pavilions in the country, especially when cooking barbecue is episodic. The advantage of portable devices is that after using them, it is easy to return them to the house.

What material to choose

The appearance of the gazebo with a barbecue is largely determined by the material used for it and the stove. A variety of materials are used, so it is quite possible to carry out the most original project. But you can use several different materials, harmoniously combining them with each other. Let's look at the main materials used for a barbecue gazebo and analyze their properties.

Basalt is hard, chemical resistant, and has good electrical insulating properties. In general, it is an excellent material for a stove-stove and cladding with a palette from gray-green tones to black.

Gazebo with barbecue

For the construction of the furnace, vermiculite, which is part of the group of basalt minerals, is used — golden plate crystals. Low density and high thermal insulation makes it a very convenient material. It is impossible not to say about clay, which is the original raw material for red bricks. Raw clay is used as a component for the mortar used for masonry.

But most of all, stoves made of natural stone are decorated - decorated with granite, marble, travertine. The color palette includes various shades of black, gray, brown. Having picked up the plates of the appropriate size, shape and color, and laid them out in the right way, the stove or fireplace can be given an old, medieval look Stone - the material is very durable, strong, resistant to freezing temperatures. It should be noted that granite is usually not used for laying furnaces with the heating function, since this material has low thermal conductivity. But on the stove for a gazebo with a barbecue, they usually have other tasks and the use of granite, known for its aesthetic qualities, will be fully justified.

As for the materials for the gazebo, then there is a wide selection and scope for combination. It is possible to build a gazebo with a metal frame, use bars for external decoration, and lining with clapboard inside. The roof of the gazebo is made of wooden or tiled.

A light wooden gazebo will look harmoniously with the floor of stone or concrete, which is not afraid of humidity.

Decoration of the gazebo with barbecue

A beautifully designed hearth will delight the eye and make spending time in the gazebo with a barbecue even more enjoyable. Of the materials, wood, copper, stone, etc. can be advised. Moreover, it is not necessary to limit oneself to one type of material; their different combination is quite appropriate, which will contribute to the original design of the arbor. For connoisseurs of Japanese style, this article will be useful.

Construction of a gazebo with a barbecue

To create the effect of antiquity, elements made of copper are used, "stainless steel", on the contrary, will give a modern look. Wood (beech, oak, elm, cedar) is used to make tabletops, mantel shelves, and decorations for the hearth.

To avoid the danger of fire, the tree is treated with flame retardants, and to protect against fungal threats and rotting, antiseptic agents are used.

Perhaps you decide to build a gazebo with a barbecue with your own hands, which will help to save your finances, and the arrangement of a fireplace and exhaust hoods, as the more complex tasks to entrust to specialists. You can, of course, order a gazebo in a specialized company, where to choose one of the standard projects or ask to make an individual one that will reflect your view of what a garden gazebo should be for a barbecue. We recommend reading the article about the tent for a summer residence with your own hands.

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